We’re at the beginning of a new month, which means it’s time for another Behind the Scenes post. I finally have a new laptop, which hopefully gets me to blog a little bit more. Anyway, here is February in pictures. Bear with me, because these pictures are 100% out of order because I have no idea what my computer/phone is doing at the moment.. Oh well..

1. My parents took my sisters and me out for sushi because my dad started a new job on 1 February. 2. After a party, Tanja and I decided to go through the McDrive. There was a slight disaster because there were no Chicken Nuggets!!!!!!!! *gasp* 3. My TBR for February. I basically only read two books of these, so ehm yeah it wasn’t a great month I guess. 4. I decided to order pizza because why the heck not?!

1. I caved and bought Pokémon Let’s Go, partly because it was discounted but also because I really wanted that Meltan… :’) 2. Sleepy boy <3 3. Went to Tanja’s house for Valentine’s Day and we ordered sushi ayyyyy. 4. YOU CAN FLY AN AERODACTYL IN POKEMON LET’S GO. I love this game.

1. Went to Tanja’s house and stayed for dinner. I made nachos, which has literally been the only thing I’ve eaten this past month I guess… 2. I am doing this challenge created by TheUnreadShelf on Instagram and I picked out some potential books for the upcoming months already. 3. My mum, Tanja and I went to the Huishoudbeurs (Dutchies will know what that is) and they had a special area full of booze you could try out. This beer is called ‘cunt/vagina beer’ in Dutch. Best name ever. 4. We had an intruder (how did he get in?! In tru da window!).

1. HE SAT ON MY LAP *cries* (because I had ice cream, but still). 2. I came home to see these two cuties being cute together ahhhhh <3 3. We went to see the second Lego Movie, which I enjoyed a bit more than the first one, to be honest. 4. IT was a really nice day, so we sat outside for a bit and this kitty wanted some attention.

1. My sister made a… small… Strawberry Margarita… (It was good though) 2. A friend we hadn’t seen in a long time came to our town, we spent some time hunting Pokémon and decided to go to a sushi restaurant for dinner. 3. This is my new bookshelf, I just need to make space for it upstairs (which is going to take a while because I am slow AF), but my cat already claimed it. 4. Niantic not only finally released Clamperl in their game, but they also immediately released the shiny version of it!

And that concludes February. Not a lot of pictures, but hey the month was a bit shorter than usual (*coughs*shittyexcuse*coughs*). How was your February?