It’s time for another Geek Gear unboxing! I know I missed a couple of them, as the last one I posted was the January box. I might do a collective post with all the items I got in the previous boxes in the future, but for now, we’re going to look at the April box! If you haven’t received and/or unboxed this April box yet, leave and come back once you have unboxed it!

We’re starting off with the t-shirt that was in this box, which has an amazing death eater design. Now I don’t love the death eaters at all (I mean wizard Nazi’s, no thanks) but I really do love this design! I especially love the snakes – I mean I’m not a Slytherin for nothing, am I? As always, these t-shirts (I have a unisex/male S) fit perfectly and are an amazing addition to my already too big fandom shirt collection!

Next up is the tea which they’ve included in their boxes ever since January. This month’s tea is a Liquid Luck or Felix Felicis inspired tea. This tea includes sweet nut brittle pieces (hazelnut) and cocoa nibs. I haven’t tried any of the teas yet (maybe for a future post?) but I do love having these Harry Potter inspired teas!

Then, there was a long, brown package in the box which of course meant there was a wand in this box. And BOY was it a wand. I am SO in love with this wand! I mean it’s not just the Slytherin in me, but I really just love snakes so so much and this wand is beautiful!

The next item was a necklace, a very simple but still very Harry Potter-y necklace. I love the small H and the lightning bolt, and in fact I have been wearing this necklace since I received it. It’s not too short and not too long (and not too heavy, unlike that chocolate frog necklace, hahaha) and I think I’ll be wearing it for a long time!

And then there was this little package, and I believe this is going to be a recurring item type as well. This time we got a box of butterscotch beer fudge. I am not a huge fan of fudge, but I’ll probably find someone who will like this!

The last item before the print is this little vial of Liquid Luck and I love it so much! I need to find a way to display it properly on my shelves, but I just think it’s an amazing item. It has gold glitters inside and it looks almost exactly like it does in the movie!

And lastly is the print, which is a simple print featuring some of the wands from the movies. It’s not one of my favourite prints, but I’m still happy with it because Harry Potter things are always great, am I right?

So that was April’s box! My favourite item has got to be the wand, with the vial as a close second. But oh my god I just cannot believe that wand it is so gorgeous! If you want to try out Geek Gear, you can go to their website and use the code AWESOME20 for 20% off your first subscription!