The Book Jar

I found this idea on this website, a book jar. Where you put the titles of books you still need or want to read, and every month (or every other month) you take out one or two of those papers, and you start reading those books. Seeing as I always find it hard to decide which book I want to read next, I thought this was a great idea. I found myself a jar, and got some papers to write all the titles down. I also included all the books that I wanted to re-read, which are quite a lot of books. I haven’t added any of my goodreads to-read books, but only the books that I already own (either a physical copy or an eBook).

I will eventually add my goodreads books of course, but the jar’s already a bit full now, and I still need to add about half of the papers. (Yeah, I might go and find a bigger jar, though this one is really adorable, I mean look at it!)

IMG_3474 IMG_3475
I will put all the book jar books in a different category (or underneath a different tag), and I will review all of them, of course. I am going to pick two books out at the end of every month, and I will try my best to read them within the month. I will post on twitter which books I am going to read, so if you want to know which ones I’ve picked, just follow my twitter!