Behind the Scenes,  Unboxings

Unboxing • Geek Gear Wizardry • January 2019

Not long after I posted my unboxing for the December GeekGear Box, I received my January one which was another great box. So, for this post, I am going to share the items we got in the January GeekGear Wizardry Box. Of course, there will be spoilers in case you haven’t unboxed it yet, so if you haven’t unboxed it yet, don’t look any further!

We start off, of course, with the t-shirt which is this simple white shirt with a Hogwarts design on it. I really like it, though I am not a huge fan of white t-shirts (also this one is kind of seethrough, so you need to wear something underneath). Still, I am going to wear it, of course, because it’s a Harry Potter shirt!

Then I got this little Snowy Owl which is absolutely adorable! I’ve put it up on my Harry Potter shelves and it is super fluffy!

Next, there was a box with something really heavy inside, and it ended up being this enormous chocolate frog necklace. Now it is quite heavy so I don’t know if I’m ever going to wear it, but it looks absolutely amazing and I’m sure I can find a different purpose for it!

Another fabric-y item, which ended up being a pillow case. Look at how amazingly it fits with my Harry Potter sheets!

This adorable owl pin was supposed to be in our November box, but it arrived too late so they ended up putting something else in the November box and gave it to us in January instead. It’s really cute and I just love the little Christmas hat and scarf!

At the end of last year, GeekGear announced they would stop including recipes in their boxes, but that they had decided on something new for the upcoming year. It ended up being tealeaves, which for me is really exciting because now I can finally use this tea strainer I got in a different subscription box ages ago. It’s a Love Potion tea which has a flavour of red berries. It smells delicious, but I haven’t tried it out yet, so I can’t say if it tastes delicious (but it probably will).

And lastly, there’s the print of the month which is this nice Deathly Hallows print. I love how the three Hallows are displayed as well and though it’s a simple black and white print, it really looks amazing!

So that concludes January’s GeekGear Wizardry box, I really liked it, what did you think?