Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes #52: November, December, January

Well, my last Behind the Scenes post was from October, so I decided to make a longer, collective BTS post about November, December and January. So get some popcorn, something to drink and prepare to look at my months of Pokémon Go, weird parties and food!

1. We went to see Bohemian Rhapsody as soon as we got back from London and gods I loved it so so much! 2. I received two pictures from a photographer at MCM and I am in love with this lighting ahhhhh! The pictures were made by JeanieJeanPhotos on Instagram! 3. We were on our way to a party and the sky looked SO BEAUTIFUL! 4. Remember when I bought these cute bookmarks from HappyHelloCo?! I lost Pietro somewhere in 2016, couldn’t for the life of me remember which book I had put him in if I’d put him in a book at all… Lo and behold – I open Vicious to finally read it and there he was.

1. Pokemon Go had an event that introduced shiny Cubone and Ponyta and look at this cutie! I got one of each, so I’m very happy. 2. On the 11th of November, my family and I went out to dinner because that’s basically our Halloween, where children go out, sing songs and get candy. We hate it, so we always make sure to be out that evening… 3. The day after, my mum, sisters and I went to see Bohemian Rhapsody and had dinner at this Mexican restaurant. This was my burrito! 4. My friends are weird… I love them!

1. The day after Tanja’s party, someone had the brilliant idea to take some cosplay photos in the woods… It was very cold and we all just about died, but we made some nice pictures. Then we had pizza, as a reward. 2. ‘Yes, this is my mum, isn’t she beautiful?’ 3. Actual picture of my heart. 4. I went to DCC day two as Quicksilver and made a point of making a selfie with every Scarlet Witch cosplayer. This is my sis ScarletQuakeCosplay!

1. Sushi because of reasons… 2. More pictures with my sis! 3. SHE TUCKED HERSELF IN. *sobs* 4. I wasn’t going to become a coin collector, but then I bought this Scarlet Witch coin, and got the free one at MCM and then I got this Slytherin coin in a GeekGear box!

1. I always tell everyone it isn’t Christmas until I’ve seen the Coca Cola commercial – and there it was! YAY! 2. My sister came to me and gave me this tiny cheeseburger. 3. I decorated my Chris-mas tree… 4. ‘But when we were younger we could fit into one basket perfectly!!’

1. We went to see… either Mortal Engines or Wreck-it Ralph 2. I enjoyed both of them very much! 2. ‘Shall we do this raid? There’s a chance it might be shiny.’ Well, there you go, extra crispy Alolan Raichu. 3. This cat has not heard of ‘personal space’ at all… 4. It was the two-year anniversary of my favourite Star Wars movie, Rogue One, so I made this celebratory picture. Yes, K2 is standing on a candle.

1. It snowed, and Punkie had no idea what the hell was going on. ‘How am I supposed to pee now?!’ 2. Nori does not like magic. 3. Christmas presents piling up already! 4. Last year, we had McDonald’s on Christmas Eve, and this year we decided to continue that ‘tradition’ and actually went to McDonald’s.

1. My sister and her boyfriend took me to the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam, where I saw the same painting I saw in London two months before! 2. Afterwards, we went to this brewery for beers and food. 3. We ordered a large plate of nachos and oh my god they were amazing! 4. And then I got a large plate of fish and chips and needless to say, I was very full afterwards.

1. I’m not going to lie – I was expecting this already. Everyone was being so ‘weird’ about the present I was getting for Christmas, so I figured it out already. Still, I am SO HAPPY because I’ve wanted one for so long but I just cannot for the life of me save money properly… 2. These were my nine most liked posts on Instagram. Not at all surprised the selfies with Diego & Dafne are in there.. 3. Tanja got this game which is the most amazing game ever (I’m just saying this because I won big time… XD) 4. Another tradition we have is to listen to the Top 2000 and loudly sing along to Bohemian Rhapsody when it’s on.

1. We had a pretty subdued New Year’s Eve because we’re all lazy fucks and we really just wanted to play games all night long. 2. First oliebol of the year… Lol… 3. That perfect life – Breath of the Wild and cuddling with cats. 4. My TBR for January, I didn’t read all of these, but still, I read three and that’s alright.

1. Maki has always been a bit scared of coming into my room, but lately, he’s here more often than not. 2. I got a picture from DCC which makes me really happy. It was totally worth running around the parking lot for this! 3. More sushi because we had a discount code that was about to expire. 4. Look at the cat family all snoozing together!

1. I have way too many unread books on my shelves, so I am going to let Google pick my TBR from now on. I’ll just pick random numbers and read the books that correspond with that number. So far, it’s not really great because these three books aren’t my favourites but hey, at least I’m reading my TBR books! 2. Totodile community day was a bit of a bust; I was feeling like crap, the weather was crap and I only got two shinies. I got a third one through trading but ugh. 3. I did, however, get a shiny Shellder on the same day so I guess it wasn’t all bad. 4. Leigh Bardugo announced her Grisha verse would be turned into a Netflix show! I am so excited because I love these books SO MUCH!

1. My shiny luck was not about to run out, as I hatched a shiny Magby! 2. ‘It’s going to be a bumpy ride!’ I got this Shrunken Head in the GeekGear box and it’s so cool! 3. Niantic added a Pokestop right behind my house so now I can be lazy and never have to leave the house again (just kidding). 4. Shiny Feebas day was… Also a bust. I mean yeah I got a shiny, but it was such a hassle and so many others I knew didn’t get one. I really hope they’re going to improve these types of events in the future.

1. My dad randomly came into my room a couple of days ago and mentioned he had a Smart TV and if I wanted it instead of the one I had then. Of course, I said yes! 2. When you literally only buy the BOTW DLC because you want Majora’s Mask because you don’t want to fight monsters anymore. 3. Another snowy day and Maki was not amoosed. 4. Nori, however, seemed to love the snow!

1. I hatched this shiny Pichu! I hardly see any difference with the normal one (this one’s darker, apparently) but it’s so cute! 2. There was also a Hoenn event where they introduced shiny Taillow and Zigzagoon; I caught a Tailow but have yet to catch a Zigzagoon. 3. Brazil had their first Safari Zone event and to celebrate that, Niantic released shiny Psyduck worldwide. I caught two during the weekend they spawned more. 4. Kruidvat had Funko Pops again and I bought the ones I was interested in, including this cute Lockjaw!

So that’s three months in pictures. I promise, really promise I will try to update monthly from now on!