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Unboxing • Geek Gear Wizardry • December

A couple of days ago, I received my December Geek Gear Wizardry box and let me tell you, I am in love. It arrived a little later than normal, possibly due to Christmas and New Year’s Eve, but it’s here so I’m going to unbox it for you in this post. Geek Gear Wizardry is a UK-based, monthly subscription box that costs 25 pounds a month and gives you a bunch of Wizarding World goodies!

If you haven’t received and/or unboxed your DECEMBER 2018 box yet, don’t look any further!

As always, the first item I picked out of the box is the t-shirt. I really love this design, because it’s not really ‘in-your-face’ Harry Potter, but it’s actually quite subtle. I love black clothing, so yes I will definitely be wearing this a lot!

Then, I found this roll which ended up being this amazing Fantastic Beasts poster. It features all the creatures from the first movie, coming out of Newt’s suitcase. This print was made by Kevin Cantwell, who also designed the Christmas cards we got in the previous box. The poster is also actually signed by him! Yay!

Then I picked out this Niffler keychain which I think is really cool. I have way too many keychains already, like seriously – I have two keys on my bunch of keys, the rest are all keychains… Still, I’ll find a nice place to put this!

And next up, I picked out the last recipes we’re getting. They’ve said before they would do these recipes until the end of the year, and while I’m a bit sad, I can’t wait to see what they’re going to come up with next (they did say in the leaflet they’re going to think of something new to do for the new year).

The next-to-last item before the print was this amazing Shrunken Head. The boxhint for this month was an item relating to the Knight Bus, and while I was kind of expecting a replica of the actual bus, this is just as cool. Prisoner of Azkaban is my favourite movie, so I love having merch that relates to this movie. I’ve hung it below my Harry Potter shelves, and honestly, it looks amazing!

And last but cer-tain-ly not least (not counting the print, of course), I got this wand. Geek Gear has set up a new subscription that gives you a wand each month, and this was a little preview of what they might look like. They’re not character wands but just wands designed by either Geek Gear, or their fans – because they have a page up on the website where you can submit your design. So if you love designing wands, make sure to check out Noble Wands! (And use the code on the leaflet if you want to subscribe). About the want – I love it. It’s beautifully designed and I love the little blue stone at the top. It’s available to purchase from the Noble Wands website, if you’re interested and didn’t get this box.

Of course, we had the print of this month, which was inspired by the Triwizard Tournament. I love the design of this, and honestly, it took me a while to realise Voldemort’s face was in the cup. I’m still not entirely sure what I’m going to do with these prints, but I guess I’ll figure something out soon!

And that was December’s Geek Gear box! Did you receive this box? What did you think of it? Will you subscribe to this box? Let me know in the comments!