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Best and Worst Movies of 2018

If you’ve followed me on social media, you know that I did a big Disney rewatch thing this year. I also decided to try and watch a movie a day. I can say that I managed it, though sometimes I would just watch part of a movie on the actual day and continue it later (especially when I was on vacation). Of course, I found a couple of new favourites, but also a couple of movies I didn’t enjoy as much. Today I will talk about those; twenty favourites, twelve least favourites. If you click the posters, you’ll be taken to the page on IMDB!

Best Movies of 2018

Out of these, I saw 15 in the cinema and 5 were older movies. I’ve posted my ratings on Letterboxd (which has a 5-star rating system) and Trakt.TV (with a 10-star rating system). I have also rewatched The Greatest Showman at least four times by now!

Worst Movies of 2018

Of these movies, I didn’t finish watching two and I didn’t pay much attention to the others because they just couldn’t bother me too much. I mean I saw enough of them to know I didn’t like them, but some of these just couldn’t interest me that much.

Which movies were your favourites this year? Which were your least favourites? How many times did you go to the cinema this year? Talk to me in the comments!