It’s the end of the year, so it’s time to share with you my favourite and least favourite things of 2018. I’ve read a whole lot of books (will probably share the End of the Year Survey on Monday) and there were a couple of new favourites, but also a couple of disappointments. So for today’s post, I will tell you about twenty (new-to-me) books I loved, and twelve books I, unfortunately, didn’t love as much!

Twenty Best Books of 2018

These are my absolute favourite books, all books I read for the first time this year and rated either four or five stars. I haven’t written any reviews for these books, so you won’t know why I loved them, but just trust me, ok?


Twelve Worst Books of 2018

And here are twelve books that, in some cases, I had high expectations for – because I loved previous books by this author, because they were hyped so much, or just because the synopsis sounded amazing – but that ended up not being my thing. Out of these, I DNF-ed three, and I rated most others two or (a low) three stars.

So, what are some of your favourite and least favourite reads this year? Did you love or dislike any of the books I disliked or loved? Talk to me in the comments!