It’s 2019! Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a nice New Year’s Eve and I wish you all the best for the coming year. Of course, a new year means new goals, but first I would like to look back at the goals I set for myself at the beginning of 2018. I’m going to tell you how I did on those, and what I’m planning to do this year.

Bookish goals

I wanted to read 75 books in 2018 and I can proudly say that I not only reached that goal, but I also surpassed it by a lot. I ended up reading 177 books in 2018, which is mostly thanks to me reading a lot of comics, listening to audiobooks and basically just because I stopped writing reviews at the beginning of the year.

I also wanted to read more non-superhero comics; I set the goal to 20 and ended up reading twenty-three. Maybe not a lot, compared to the amount I read through the whole year, but I definitely did find some new favourite comics.

Then, I wanted to read twelve books I bought in 2017 that were still unread, and later on added 12 books I bought pre-2017 that I still hadn’t read. While I didn’t read all the books I picked, I ended up reading 16 out of the 24 books I chose.

My next goal was to reread all of Rick Riordan’s mythology-verse books. Meaning: Percy Jackson, Heroes of Olympus, Kane Chronicles, Magnus Chase, Trials of Apollo and all the companion books that were released. I loved diving back into this world and 100% completed this challenge (ok maybe not 100%, I’m still missing one of the companion books, which I didn’t realise until a couple of days ago, will pick that up soon though).

And my last bookish goal was to slim down my physical and digital TBR. I did manage to read more books that were already on my shelves rather than just pick up the newer ones, and I managed to lower my ‘Want to read’ shelf number a lot this year. Still, I want to continue this goal in the coming year.

Movie goals

My first movie goal was to watch all the movies I wanted to see in the cinema, whether it was actually at the cinema or at home later when it was available. I didn’t really make any lists anymore after a while, but I did see a huge amount of movies in the cinema this year. I didn’t see all the movies I wanted to see, partly because sometimes the timing just wasn’t right, but most of the movies I saw have become new favourites.

Then I wanted to do a huge Disney rewatch. I realised there were a lot of sequels to Disney movies that I had never seen, never heard of even. So I made a list of movies that I was interested in, movies I had already seen, movies I had not seen yet and dedicated the whole year to watching Disney movies. I added Marvel, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Ghibli, Narnia and of course Pixar movies as well. I ended up with 265 movies, which is not close to the number of movies Disney has released, but still a big chunk. I found some new favourites, found some new dislikes, and I think I DNF-ed one or two movies, but it was very fun to do!

I love owning DVDs even if I didn’t really have the right devices to play them on. I wanted that to change in 2018, so I decided I wanted to buy more movies I loved on DVD. I did expand my collection quite a bit and even got a Blu-Ray player from my dad so I could play them on without having to use my laptop, yay!

And the last movie goal kind of failed, but I might try again in the new year. I wanted to read more movie novelizations. A shocker, maybe, seeing as movie novelizations can be pretty awful sometimes, but I found a couple ones that I really loved (Rogue One, for example) and I wanted to try out some more. I did find out there were so many more novelizations than I thought existed and I have a couple of nice ones to add to my list.

Other goals

Then, I wanted to learn Welsh. And I didn’t. Oh well. Maybe next year. I still have the coursework for this, and the CD’s (though I am going to put the files on my computer/phone instead) so yeah… Maybe…

Another goal I set for myself every year is to clean my room. And I think I did the exact opposite of this. But yeah it wasn’t a very great year for me mentally, and if that’s the case, then cleaning my room is physically exhausting to me and I just cannot be bothered. This year, I do really really want to make a start, because it’s actually starting to bother me.

The next general goal I set was to complete five new cosplays. I love cosplaying, but the past couple of years I haven’t really done anything new. So I wanted to just learn how to sew, make my own costume and wear it to a convention. With the help of my best friend, I managed to make two Zelda cosplays (her Breath of the Wild outfit and her Skyward Sword outfit). I also have some cosplays that weren’t self-made but just clothes I purchased, but I am still very happy with them.

And the last goal I set for myself was to translate the Tales of Beedle the Bard into runes. I decided to abandon this goal because I just couldn’t be bothered. Maybe in the future, I’ll pick it up again and get myself a nice notebook to write the stories in, but I don’t know when.

So yeah, there we have my 2018 goals. Tomorrow I’ll write about my goals for the new year, some of which I also had this year, and some new ones! What are your goals for 2019? How many books do you want to read this year? Talk to me in the comments!