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(UNBOXING) • Geek Gear Wizardry November Box

Today I am going to unbox the festive Geek Gear box for you! I received this box a couple of days ago and opened it up almost immediately. I knew it was going to be a festive themed box with lots of Christmas-y items. Of course, if you haven’t received/opened this November box yet, beware of spoilers!

The first thing I saw was this month’s t-shirt, which has a Christmas jumper design! I love the snake and the addition of the Slytherin locket on the sides! Will definitely wear this t-shirt in December

Next up was this little box that held an actual Occamy egg! (Just kidding, of course it’s not actual silver). I think it’s really cute, especially because the Occamy is peeking through a little!

Then, my hands found this amazing silver coin with a little snake on one side and the word ‘Ambition’ above it. On the other side it has the GeekGear logo and ‘The Bank of Wizardry’. 

Another little box with a Potions Master pin. I’m not sure if I’m ever going to use this, as it’s quite a large pin and I’m not a huge fan of ‘the’ Potions Master, but hey it’s still a nice pin!

Then there was an item wrapped in plastic, which ended up being this Slytherin stocking! Now, we don’t have a fireplace, nor do we really do stocking fillers, but it’s still a nice thing to have! I’m going to hang it up in my room!

We also got this exclusive, licenced product! I have way too many keychains so I’m probably not going to put this on my keys, maybe I’ll use it on a bag or something, but I do like the text! 

Then, there were these two Christmas cards with art created by Kevin Cantwell. I can’t find a website/facebook page/instagram for this artist, so if you have found something, let me know! I love these cards, but I don’t think I’ll ever send them to anyone (I love them too much for that).

Of course, we got a couple more recipes in the box, this time it’s Kreacher’s French Onion Soup, and Gingerbread Wizard cookies! I hate onions, so I’ll probably never try that recipe for myself, but I do like to try the cookie recipe one day!

And lastly, we got the print of this month, which is an amazing house-themed print! I honestly love anything Slytherin themed, so of course I love this print as well! I love the green, I love the snake, yes this is amazing!

And that concludes the November Geek Gear unboxing! I really loved this box, and I am certainly going to keep this subscription in the new year! What was your favourite item? Would you subscribe to this box? Do you know any more HP themed boxes? Let me know!