Well then, here we are another month later and I haven’t blogged at all, yay! Anyway, here we have another Behind the Scenes post for you to enjoy and I promise I will try to blog a little more frequently in the future. 

1. Another shiny Pokémon arrived in the game, and I got my first shiny literally a minute after he was introduced. 2. I had to deliver Ikea catalogues and they were lethal this wasn’t my only papercut, ugh I hated those things. 3. You know it’s almost autumn when the stores start selling kruidnoten! <3 4. Went out for a sushi lunch with my dad and sister. 

1. After sushi we went to this ice cream parlour that has nice flavours; I picked chocolate and Bailey’s. I love Bailey’s (an Irish chocolate cream liquor). 2. Tanja and I made a dress in a couple of hours! It still needs to be painted, but I’ll be able to show you a nice picture of the finished cosplay soon! 3. We did a little make-up test for Link and Zelda and of course, Tanja had to be an idiot. 4. Pizza is the love of my life, who needs a boyfriend?!

1. Sushi time again, this time with Tanja and my sister! 2. Best part about ordering sushi is having some leftovers for the following day! 3. I discovered this youtube channel called ASMR Rooms which provides a bunch of amazing ambiance noises for you to read by! 4. I finally caught Celebi, and now it’s time to wait for the next mythical Pokémon!

1. We had a little visitor. Her name is Minoes and she’s really adorable but a little bit clingy. After this she didn’t want to leave anymore and we physically had to remove her from the house. Oh well. 2. G from Bookroast announced an extra readathon for the upcoming OWLs Readathon and I figured out my TBR for it already. 3. Maki looked so confused I was sitting in my mum’s place. 4. He was also very clingy because he missed my mum.

1. After the Chikorita community day this strange new Pokémon arrived; unfortunately it changed into Ditto every time. 2. My sister got a new bed and of course, the cats commandeered the empty boxes. 3. They were forced to sit on the chair together and they didn’t enjoy it. 4. We played a couple of games, there was some cheating, some people accusing others of cheating, but it was very much a lot of fun!

1. I painted some items for my Zelda cosplays, which are now almost finished. 2. Made a little breakfast for myself; eggs, bacon and little croissants. 3. My mum sent me this picture of Disney back when she was still very small, and still fit in an egg-box! 4. I did the terrible thing and purchased a pair of white leggings which are totally for cosplay!

And that concludes September in pictures! As I’ve said before, I am going to try to blog more, but I guess I’ll see at the end of this month how well I’ve kept my promise! 

How was your month?