Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes #50

I feel like it was only yesterday when I posted the previous BTS, but it has been a full month in fact. So yeah, it is about time for another Behind the Scenes post! 

1. One of our cats caught a bird. Luckily, this one was still alive and we ended up looking after it for a day before having it picked up to be brought to a bird hospital. 2. Went out to dinner with a couple of friends, where we got the surprise of our life… 3. Because Cindy and Diane (left) had been planning a reunion for over two years. Diane lives in France and it’s not always possible for her to see us, so they planned this dinner and the Castlefest trip together so Diane could come and see her Dutch friends again! 4. I stumbled upon a secret cat meeting!

1. It was both my mum’s and my sister’s boyfriend’s birthday in August, so we decided to go out for sushi with the whole family. 2. I met Alwyn Hamilton! She was announced as an author at Castlefest a while ago and I was sad that I wasn’t going – but then Diane came to the Netherlands and I decided very last minute to go. I got my books signed and she complimented me on my cosplay! 3. Of course, Castlefest means pizza! I loved these pizzas, though unfortunately, they changed the recipe which means this one now has peppers on it as well (I am very thankful for the cook who made one without peppers for me <3) 4. We had a small photoshoot at Castlefest – this is Tanja and our friend Anne as Korra and Asami. I also had some photos taken of my Rey cosplay, but I still need to edit them!

1. Little selfie before we had to say goodbye; Tanja (who isn’t in this picture) and I went home, and the others went to the beach and after that Diane had to go home again. *sad face* 2. Tanja and I finally went to see Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again! I loved it, though I think I like the first one a liiiittle bit better! 3. I pre-ordered a signed copy of Catwoman: Soulstealer a while back and it arrived in August! I have yet to read it, but I am very excited! 4. This is the second Boekenfestijn pile; I went there twice and bought a lot of books. 

1. Eating Burritos at Tanja’s place, seriously these burritos are so tasty and a great comfort food! 2. Tanja, Sacha and I are going to cosplay Azula, Ty Lee and Mai next year, and Tanja found this modern version of the trio which I would love to try out as well! 3. Playing Breath of the Wild on Tanja’s Switch and oh my god I need this game right now. (But first, I need a Switch XD) 4. Part of my TBR for the NEWTs readathon. Ended up taking out The Subtle Knife and read another book for that prompt, but I liked how the books I was reading at that moment were all red and black.

1. When you don’t have any good backdrops for Instagram and you end up using two dresses to make a nice picture instead. 2. Croissants and a good book, is there anything else you need? 3. I made some cosplay progress! Tanja ended up doing the Velcro for these wristbands, but I did the golden parts and I am quite proud of how they turned out! 4. I received my second Geek Gear box and I am very happy with all the items! 

1. I got the shoes that I had been looking for for so long! Yes, shoes with lights! I wanted these for my Quicksilver cosplay for so long, and now I finally have them, yay! 2. We visited a friend for her birthday and ended up doing a little walk around the city for Pokémon Go. Unfortunately, it was raining quite badly, but that didn’t mess up our fun! 3. Nori doesn’t like sitting on laps, but he does sometimes lies like this on my legs. #blessed 4. When you spend the entire time looking for certain shiny Pokémon that were released during an event but end up being treated to shiny Minun number 8 (or 9?).

And that’s the end of August! How was your month? Let me know in a comment or on Twitter