Behind the Scenes

(Wrap-Up) • August 2018 • NEWTs Readathon

WELL THEN. You probably noticed my lack of posting the past month, which has two reasons. 1) I am a piece of shit. 2) I was participating in a month-long readathon! How did it go? Well, I’m about to tell you…

Books Read

As you can see, I read a whopping total of 30 books this month. With that, I completed all the challenges I set out to do at the beginning of this month. I did end up exchanging some books for other (shorter) ones after a while, but still, I ended up receiving ten Outstanding marks for my NEWTs!

You can view the ratings I gave to these books on Goodreads!

Movie seen, started

I also managed to watch a movie a day and (though I haven’t added it) I’ve seen the majority of the first season of Avatar the Last Airbender. I hope to finish at least the first season next week! 

You can view my ratings here on Trakt.TV!

Book Haul

As I said in my previous wrap-up, I went to the Boekenfestijn where I bought ten books on the first day. Then, my mum wanted to go as well and I ended up buying a lot more books that second day. So yeah, I basically threw my ‘not more than three books’ rule out of the window, but I didn’t pay for any of these books myself so no harm done I guess… 

What happened this month

  • I started on the NEWTs readathon and had a lot of fun! Ended up reading 30 books, though I did change some books after a while, I am happy with the results!
  • Went out to dinner with a couple of friends and saw a French friend I hadn’t seen for over two years. This prompted Tanja and me to go to Castlefest as well even though we hadn’t planned on going at first.
  • Caught a bunch of shiny Eevee’s during the Community Day weekend!
  • Made some good progress on both Zelda cosplays – nearly finished the shirt for one and bought fabrics for the other. I also got a new wig for the BoTW Zelda which Tanja is going to style because I can’t do that.
  • Went to Hoorn to celebrate a friend’s birthday where we did some Pokémon stuff and I saw a little more of the city!

What will happen next month?

Well, I don’t really have a lot planned. Other than complete my cosplays that need to be completed by the end of October. There’s also going to be another Pokémon Go Community Day on 22 September ánd Moltres day on 8 September so that’s very exciting. 

Book-wise, I am planning on taking it easy this month. I have ten books on my TBR of which I really want to read seven, the others are not a must in my opinion. I have one book (or manga) pre-ordered this month. 

Furthermore, I really want to start cleaning my room because I am really annoyed by all the mess and the clutter on my desk, so I think September is going to be my Autumn Cleaning month!

How was your August? Are you planning anything exciting in September? Let me know in a comment or on Twitter! 

See you next month!