In June, I received my first Geek Gear Wizardry box and fell in love! I loved the items, loved the t-shirt and just love unboxing something that was solely Harry Potter themed! So naturally, I kept my subscription and received my second box at the end of July. Now, I know – it’s almost the end of August, why do I post my JULY unboxing now? Well, I am a procrastinator and basically, I did a lot of other things instead of making pictures for this post… Anyway, we’re here now and I am going to share the items I got from July’s Geek Gear Wizardy box now! 

The first item in the box was this t-shirt, inspired by Rubeus Hagrid and the flying motorbike. I really love this shirt, it’s subtle but people who know Harry Potter probably will know what it represents!

The second item I saw or smelled actually is this Butterscotch (aka Butterbeer) soap! It’s really pretty, dark brown with golden glitters and oh my god it SMELLS SO NICE!

Another item, which was one of the hints for the month, was this little Hogwarts Express figure! It’s so adorable and it fits really well on my Harry Potter shelves!

Then, there was this bright-green coloured item which turned out to be a totebag! I love totebags, they are so handy if you don’t want to carry a backpack but want to bring more items with you, and they are perfect to carry books around in! I love the design, it’s simple but obviously Harry Potter-y!

Then there was a long brown package in the box, which made me really excited because I knew it was a wand. When I unpacked it, I had no idea whose wand it was and actually thought it was the one designed by fans – but as I watched unboxings by other people, I found out this is George Weasley’s wand! 

Next up was this Quidditch captain badge, which I really love. Even though I personally would never play Quidditch (and probably won’t be super interested either) I do love this badge, a lot.

And lastly, there are the paper items. The print in the box, which is Demiguise inspired, and three recipes; for Acid Pops, House Scarf Cupcakes and Molly’s Roast Chicken Dinner. I love these recipes and can’t wait to make one of them soon!

So that concludes my July unboxing of Geek Gear Wizardy box! if you liked it, you can subscribe to this box (or any other box they have) through their website. They currently have a discount code for new subscribers! 

I can’t wait for the next box, which has had two hints revealed already: The Peverell Brothers and a house-themed licensed item!