I think I say this at the end of every month, but July flew by at high speed. I am happy that August is coming, because I have a couple of cool things planned that month, and I am certainly happy to see October is getting closer and closer! But first, we need to close off this month with another Behind the Scenes post.

1. We started this month with another Community Day, this time it was for Squirtle and Tanja, Mitchel and I spent it in Dordrecht! It’s such a lovely city and I caught a bunch of shiny Squirtles! 2. Of course, we had to take over a gym and put our shiny Squirtle family in it! 3. Can you believe I owned this book for over a year and I only just now find out it’s signed? I can’t remember there being a ‘signed copy’ sticker on the cover though again – it’s been a year. 4. Eating sushi again and Tanja put on her appropriate jumper! (It says ‘I’m Hungry’ in Dutch).

1. I received and unboxed my first Geek Gear Wizardry box! It was amazing and I can’t wait for the next box to arrive! 2. Watching Star Wars and holding hands with my boyfriend! <3 3. Sunsets are really cool to see especially when you’re outside catching Pokémon. 4. finally caught a shiny Murkrow! I’ve been wanting one ever since I found out they’re purple and ahhh it’s so cute!

1. After a day of catching Pokémon, we had sushi again because what else do you need? 2. They put shiny versions of Plusle and Minun in the game and this was my score after two days. I believe the total score is now 6 of each and I am very happy about that! 3. I started making the harp/lyre for my Skyward Sword Zelda cosplay. At first, I wanted to make it from foam, but then I decided to just make one from cardboard first and see about a nice foam one in the future. 4. I got this book from someone for just the shipping because the spine had gotten stuck to the envelope. I then used the eraser trick, and the book is as good as new!

1. Another shiny legendary day, though I was sad to realise it was only two weeks after the other one (one a month is ideal, to be honest). Still, I caught one shiny after fourteen/fifteen raids and I am happy. 2. Tirza bought tompouche’s to ‘celebrate’ we all got a shiny (ok she didn’t get one herself, but she’s trading with a friend). 3. I also started making one of the belts for Zelda, though I had no idea how to attach it at first. This isn’t the final version though, but I’ll show that in another BTS! 4. Sushi time again! This time with my sister, as my parents went out to dinner to celebrate their wedding anniversary!

1. I can’t wait for the NEWTs read-a-thon next month! I finalised my TBR and made some cool pictures! 2. It was so warm in my country this month, we got close to 35/40 degrees Celcius at one point. My sister had been wanting to get an inflatable pool and we finally got one, it was a BLESSING. 3. Pizza? Again? Yeah, obviously. 4. I got THE BEST gift in Pokémon Go. This is a ride at the Efteling which is both the literal worst and best ride in the whole park!

1. Thanks to that Zapdos day, I got another EX-raid pass for Mewtwo! This will be number five! 2. Unfortunately, I missed out on the complete blood moon because it wasn’t high enough at that point, but I did manage to make some pictures of it about an hour later! 3. Nori had a bird, again. I don’t know if he caught it himself or found it (tbh with the hot weather it could have just dropped dead out of a tree…) 4. At the end of the month, my aunt – who had been suffering from cancer for a couple of years now – passed away. The funeral was really lovely, though when Supermarket Flowers by Ed Sheeran played, I could not stop sobbing. I hate cancer.

And that concludes the month of July through pictures! I will probably do a wrap-up very soon, though it really depends on the weather (aka I cannot for the life of me sit behind a computer and write a blog post if it’s hot).

How was your month?