I love watching people unbox subscription boxes, though I personally hardly ever buy one myself. Mostly it’s because I am afraid I won’t like some of the items included because I’m not part of that particular fandom. But then I watched G’s and Cherry’s videos, where they unbox the monthly Geek Gear Wizardry Box – a monthly subscription box featuring only Harry Potter/Fantastic Beasts items, and I was sold. I decided, on a whim, to subscribe to this box and I received my first box at the end of June.

If you haven’t received or opened this box yet, SPOILERS AHEAD!!!!

First thing I noticed was that my box was green. When you subscribe, you can tell them your Hogwarts house (Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Slytherin) or have them choose a random house for you. Since I’m Slytherin, I get a green box and the house-themed items will all be Slytherin-themed.

The first item I got out of the box, was this t-shirt. Geek Gear always sends a t-shirt (or a different kind of wearable item) in every box, and this was June’s t-shirt. We already knew there was going to be a stag/Patronus themed item in this box, and I was very happy to see this shirt! I love the colours and the paint splatters in the background!

Next, I grabbed this coaster-set, which I love very much! I often take drinks upstairs with me and end up with a wet spot on my desk from the condense, so having coasters is the perfect solution. These were a Geek Gear exclusive and are Chamber of Secrets themed!

Then, there was a big package with something fabric-y inside and it turned out to be this big Slytherin banner! You get a banner for your own house, or a random one if you haven’t chosen a house, but I am very happy with this! Still need to find a permanent spot in my room to hang it, but it’s so pretty!

There was a smaller Geek Gear box inside the box which held a little (green) pouch and inside this beautiful necklace. Mine has four green gemstones and a small snake charm. Gryffindors will of course get a lion, Ravenclaws an eagle/raven (idk?) and Hufflepuffs will get a badger. It’s a really cute and subtle way to show your house pride!

Another stag-themed item! This is a small metal print with a magnet on the back, so you can put it on a whiteboard or your fridge. I really love this, because it reminds me of Prisoner of Azkaban which is my favourite book/movie out of the bunch!

And next up are these recipes – Geek Gear has been doing this for a while already, and I was sad when I realised I missed out on most of these recipes. Luckily, they sell the little booklet with all the previous recipes on their website! Included with the recipes was this cookie cutter in the form of a jumper!

Last but not least was this art print! Geek Gear always includes an art print in their boxes, and I think I am going to buy a folder to put all of them in in the future. I really like this one, because it features Neville one of my favourite characters and the four Hogwarts houses!

And that was the box! I really liked this box, though I had kind of hoped for a wand (they’ve been including more wands in their previous boxes) but I have high hopes for the future. I’m planning on keeping this box until at least the end of the year, so I’ll be posting an unboxing every month from now on!

Did you subscribe to Geek Gear? Or are you subscribed to a different (Harry Potter) box? Let me know in a comment.