Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes #48: The Great Catch-Up

My last BTS post was from April, so I guess this post will be full of pictures from April, May and June. I can’t promise it won’t be a long one, but hey it’s just pictures, so I guess it’s going to be a pleasant post to scroll through? Anyway, without further ado, let’s get into the post!


1. Went to FACTS in Belgium with Tanja and our friend Cindy (Lady of Light Costumes). We had a lot of fun and I bought a bunch more things, oops? Tanja and I also bought a photo-op with Cobie Smulders because we love her as Maria Hill in the MCU and she was SO CUTE! 2. Selfie with Ida (Starbit Cosplay) and Tara (Cara Cosplay) because they are babes. 3. I saw this amazing Miguel cosplayer and ugh I want to finish my cosplay as well! 4. I literally RAN across the con-floor to take a picture of this girl dressed as La Muerte from The Book of Life. I almost sobbed because SHE LOOKS SO GREAT AND AHH BOOK OF LIFE COSPLAYER FTW.

1. Took a picture with some Stormtroopers, because as Dark Rey I gotta represent the First Order, don’t I? 2. I was watching Princess Mononoke while being stalked by a cat. Hmmm. (Not my favourite Studio Ghibli movie, by the way, sorry not sorry). 3. LOOK AT MY CUTE MANOLO’S! A friend tagged me in a Facebook post where someone was selling the Remembered version of the Manolo Funko for a super reasonable price (€60 with shipping included, that’s reasonable for a highly sought, vaulted Funko Pop). I’m so happy! 4. Narcissus is looking FIIIIIIIIIIINE!

1. My sister and I ordered sushi, because why not? 2. Went to Tanja’s house to grill some meat outside and drink some alcoholic beverages. 😉 3. These babies celebrated their first birthday! Look at how cute they were when they were actual babies?!?!?!? 4. I started my Zelda cosplay! Still with some help from Tanja, because I am terrified of doing something wrong, but it’s a start!

1. It was time for Infinity War and HO MY GOD I AM STILL SO DISTURBED WHAT THE HELL. Seriously this movie left me as flabergasted as Rogue One did. The second time we watched the movie, I actually sobbed my eyes out, but this first time I actually sat in my chair and was like ‘this did not just happen, what the fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck’. 2. Got my hands on this Amy Pond Funko, which I wanted ever since they brought out this Rory Williams Funko! Now my Doctor Who OTP can be cute together! 3. I participated in the OWLs read-a-thon, organised by Book Roast on Youtube, and I had so much fun! I passed 10/12 grades and I can now concentrate on my NEWTs which are coming up in August! 4. My dad got me a Kindle! I had talked to him about getting one a while back, and all of a sudden he came to me and told me ‘I ordered one for you’ which he does a lot, so yeah, KINDLE WOOH!


1. The kittens were allowed outside without their little leashes for the first time, and of course they immediately took off. Nori found out he could climb onto the fence and on the roof of our shed, and that’s where he spent most of his afternoon. 2. My gran spontaneously invited my sister, cousin and me out to dinner. The food was nice, but the staff wasn’t as pleasant, unfortunately. 3. Things I love about getting up early: McDonald’s breakfast! 4. I got Bailey’s flavoured ice cream!

1. Went to the hospital to get blood drawn for allergy testing, came back with a nebula on my arm. 2. Things I love about going on a holiday: breakfast. 3. Edinburgh castle looking mighty fine! 4. We saw the biggest collection of Scotch Whisky at the Whisky Experience in Edinburgh! We also had a tour through the making of Whisky and got to taste some… Birthday well spent, I should say!

1. My dad and I went to see Deadpool 2 in Edinburgh because I really wanted to see it and there was a cinema really close to our hotel! It’s an amazing movie, and I may like it a bit more than the previous one… 2. Edinburgh Castle has this tradition, where at one o’clock in the afternoon, they fire this giant gun. They used to do it so the sailors would know it was one o’clock and… something else… 3. Probably the most expensive sushi we had, but also the most DELICIOUS sushi oh my god I still dream about the salmon that was like BUTTER on my tongue. 4. Seriously, Scotland is such a beautiful country, I want to live there.

1. Last night in Edinburgh, so of course we had pizza. 2. We climbed Arthur’s Seat and I wanted to die. But the view was beautiful and definitely worth it! The climb down was way worse for my knees by the way, and I was happy to get back into the coolness of the air conditioning in our car. (We had SUCH nice weather in Scotland, by the way, ahh) 3. On our way back on the boat, we ate at the fancy restaurant for dinner. This steak was TO DIE FOR oh my god I love food so much. 4. Sometimes, I love living near a forest. Because you get pictures like these as a result.


1. Tanja and I went to Sumo to eat sushi and she actually ate some sushi things and I am so proud of her! 2. There was a chicken (????) in our house ???? My mum sent this picture and I am so confused. Apparently someone in our street has a couple of chickens, and apparently, this one escaped. 3. Went to see Jurassic World, but first, we had pizza! 4. What do you do when your mum and sister go on a holiday? You don’t cook at all for the entire week and go out for sushi on the first day!

1. We have hedgehogs in our yard! At first, I could only see one, but then my mum saw two and later on there were three! 2. Played our favourite game for rude people, Cards Against Humanity! 3. FRIENDS. 4. Because June is Pride Month, I decided to give my nails an ACE paint job (see what I did there?)

1+2. For Father’s Day, we went to the Jopenkerk where we had nice beers and burgers. Definitely a place worth going to again! 3. I got a nice case for my Kindle because I think people who don’t use cases for their devices are terrifying and I am prone to drop my stuff every now and then. 4. Got a new shirt for my Maria Posada cosplay and I cannot wait to start painting the design on it and get a wig and cosplay this character, ahhh!

1. Maki came inside one day completely soaked and dirty. We think he fell into a creek somewhere and we had to put him in the shower, which he did not like at all. Poor thing. 2. Tanja had a spare ticket for Ed Sheeran so I went along with her. It was amazing, and we had an amazing surprise guest: Robbie Williams! They sang Angels together, which was the best thing ever. 3. Went to a Beer Festival in The Hague, had a couple of beers, had sushi and decided to share my drink with a friend by pouring it over our laps. (Y) 4. LOOK AT THIS CUTE PUPPY! She wanted our food, but she wasn’t allowed, awwww.

So here we go, a summary of the past three months! From now on, I’ll try to update frequently, hahaha!