Basically, what I’ve decided (like five minutes before writing this post) is that I am just going to make BTS posts whenever I have a good amount of pictures to show. (Let’s say 20+ per post). Otherwise, it’s going to be a post with 10 pictures or one with 30, you know? Today, I’m going to share some pictures of pizza, cats and of course Dutch Comic Con!

Look at him sitting like that with his paws! Ugh so cute!

I was in the attic doing something when suddenly I heard a sound right above me. My immediate thought was ‘ghosts’, which of course is ridiculous, but then I saw the shadow of a cat appear and I realised it was Nori – who had somehow gotten himself stuck on the loft and had no idea how to get off. (And this wasn’t the last time he did this).

I didn’t choose the pizza life, the pizza life chose me!

NEAR, FAR, WHEREVER YOU ARE! Seriously he was too lazy to come to me, and I was too lazy to move closer to him. So this is where we were at.

I got a second EX-raid invite in Pokémon Go, and finally Tanja and I could do one of these raids together (and Tanja could finally do one herself!)

This snowy Castform randomly appeared in my house, which made me really happy because it was the last one I needed. The normal one was pretty easy to get – as was the sunny version, but the rainy and snowy versions were dang hard to find.

I had pre-ordered Obsidio ages ago because I wanted it in my hands asap and I wanted my name to be on the death list in the book (I wasn’t unfortunately, *sad sigh*) but when the book got released Amazon told me my copy wouldn’t arrive until the 24th (11 days after its release). I got pissed, especially when I saw that if I ordered it then (the 13th) I would get it three days later. Naturally, I cancelled my months-old pre-order and re-ordered it again with Prime shipping. Never again will I pre-order books from anything but my trusty old Dutch webshop!

PIZZA AGAIN! I don’t know if there was a special reason for me ordering pizza, probably because we were all too lazy to either go grocery shopping or cook. Probably both.


I got to meet Marissa Meyer, ahhh! Blossom Books (the Dutch publisher of Marissa’s books) organised an event in Eindhoven where we could meet Marissa, get our books signed and buy stuff. I got both my copies of Cinder and Renegades signed and bought a couple of nice candles (that smell AMAZING).

Naturally, I arrived in Eindhoven way too early, so I went shopping for a bit. I ended up at CEX where I found these two DVDs; one for my Marvel collection, one for my Diego Luna collection!

On my way back from Eindhoven, I got some coffee (which wasn’t at all gross, but it still wasn’t great) and I continued my reread of The Lost Hero.

The next day, I had to get my ID-card renewed and I accidentally found my way into the bookstore and Kruidvat. Where I bought a book and a Funko Pop. Someone needs to stop me next time.

The next Pokémon Go Community Day event revolved around Bulbasaur, and just look at this cute shiny version! I got a little luckier this time and caught 4 shiny Bulbasaur and hatched a lot of eggs!

Awwww, motherly love!

Puggles came over for a couple of nights because my sister and her boyfriend are renovating; naturally, not even five minutes after we’d put this pillow down, Nori stole it from her.

“No need to come and pick Puggles up, we’ll ship her back to you in this box!”

We went to see Pacific Rim: Uprising in the cinema and I really liked it – I especially loved John Boyga and while I prefer the first one still, this one wasn’t bad either. (So don’t read those shitty reviews, just go and see the movie for yourself).

My gran had to go to the hospital because she couldn’t walk anymore and I ended up looking after her for the day. Stayed for dinner and she told me to get some pizza for myself. So yeah, wasn’t my idea this time! XD

I apologise to these people for running at them and being like ‘OMG COCO’. I probably scared the crap out of them, but oh my god they look so amazing ahhhhh!

Tanja and I decided to eat pizza for dinner after DCC and they messed up our order. I got a small pizza instead of the medium one I ordered, and Tanja got the medium one. *sadface*

We are the literal heart of Tony Stark. There was a stand where you could have your picture taken and be added to the big Infinity War wall. I said I wanted to be either Wanda Maximoff’s face or anything of Tony Stark and we got our wish!

*sighs* Tony Stark. <3

My gran celebrated her birthday the Monday after DCC and she ordered sushi for my sisters, my dad and me!

And that concludes this Behind the Scenes! How was your month?