Fashionably late, as usual, but here is another Behind the Scenes post! The end of February was a bit of a weird time for me, so that’s part of the reason I didn’t post a BtS, but I am really going to keep it up now!

Tanja and I went to see Black Panther, and while I liked it, it didn’t truly feel like a Marvel movie to me. I don’t know why, but even though I saw T’Challa in Civil War, it felt like a completely different movie. Still, I enjoyed it and I love Shuri with all my heart.

And of course, we ended up eating pizza that night. Because why not.

Nori looked the way I felt – tired af. I think he was trying to get some of my food but he’s not allowed any closer to the table than this…

Went to the Huishoudbeurs with my mum and they had CHURROS!

When was this? I don’t even remember. I believe my parents had Chinese food, my sister had sushi and I decided to order pizza.

I got this little hat at one of the stands at the Huishoudbeurs and Maki looked amazing in it!

The second Pokémon Go Community Day event was all about Dratini! They announced there would be a shiny version of Dratini, which is pink; and oh my god he looks so cute!

Of course, I immediately evolved him into Dragonite because I (as one of the few people, I believe) LOVE this green Dragonite!

Sleepy kitten! (Or well, she’s not really a kitten anymore, but to me all cats are kittens. Shh).

Hmm, maybe this was the time my parents had Chinese food and I had pizza. I don’t remember?

He looks like he’s shitting or something, but he was truly just enjoying the sun!

What can I say… (except you’re welcome?)

This is a cat that walks around the streets I work in and he’s so adorable!

Kruidvat, a local drugstore had Funko Pops again and though I don’t really know this character (didn’t he die in TFA? I don’t remember?) I decided to just buy it. The other Funko they had at my stores was War Machine, which I already own.

Last week, I came home on Friday to find out the electricity in my room, the bathroom and the kitchen was out. We had no idea what the problem was, so my dad called some guys to come and help him find the problem… It took a couple of days, but then we finally had power again! Even the downstairs toilet and the light in the attic work again (and they haven’t worked for months now).

This is literally the only frozen pizza I still enjoy. I’ve been too spoiled with New York Pizza that I just don’t like the taste of frozen pizzas anymore… Except for this one!

I went to Tanja’s house to watch Pacific Rim, and as I was cycling home I saw this beautiful sunset! Perks of getting out of the house every now and then!

Look at my cute little boiiiiiii! He doesn’t like lying on people’s laps, but sometimes I trick him into it. And it works!

Another beautiful boi! This cat followed me through two streets just so I could pet him!

Another Luna Rock Candy to add to my collection! This was a New York Comic-con exclusive and I could buy it from someone in the Netherlands for €35 euros+shipping or go to Popcultcha and pay €20 in total. Guess which option I chose.

And that concludes this Behind the Scenes post!