Unboxing: Meet Your Destiny #diversitybear Box

At the end of last year, I found out about a new book subscription box. I decided to follow their Instagram account to keep up to date with their boxes because it sounded very interesting. Diversity Bear was created to promote diverse books. A book box featuring one diverse book (which could be any genre, from contemporary to fantasy) and a bunch of bookish items each month. What I liked most about this book box was that it’s a Dutch company and it features only English books.

Though I missed the first box, I managed to purchase the March box – which was titled ‘Meet Your Destiny’ and would feature a YA fantasy book. Before we begin, I’m going to warn you for spoilers – if you haven’t received/unboxed your box yet, do not proceed!

We start off the box with this gorgeous spoiler card, with art created by ArtFromaFriend. I really like this design and I will definitely find a nice place for it in my room!

Next up I saw this mug, with artwork from FourSeasonsFox on it. Now I knew this was Hermione Granger right off the bat (it’s the hair), but I personally just never pictured her as a black girl View Spoiler ». That doesn’t mean I don’t like this mug, I really love the artwork, I just don’t see this girl as Hermione. So I guess for me this is just a really cool Gryffindor girl (or Parvati, maybe?) *shrugs*

The next item I got out of the box is this lip balm, created by Oriandle. I saw in someone else’s unboxing that you could get any of the Dregs (so Kaz, Inej, Nina, Matthias, Jesper or Wylan) and I’m happy I got Jesper because the scent (lime, lemon and gunpowder) is amazing!

Then we have a candle, by Nephilim Treasures. It’s called Swish and Flick (It’s LeviOOOOOOOsa, not Leviosar!) and smells like white tea, mist and ginger. I can really smell the white tea, but the rest is quite subtle which is my favourite kind. I’m not a huge fan of heavy scents, so this subtle candle is great for me!

The last item before the book is a beautiful Six of Crows inspired bookmark, created by Mr Bookmark Postcard. Bookmarks are always amazing, and this one is even more perfect because it’s one of my favourite books of all time – and it’s one of my favourite quotes (like seriously I want this tattooed on my body)!

And then there is – of course – the book. It was wrapped in some nice black paper and I’m happy it’s a gorgeous hardcover! It’s Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi! Though I hadn’t really done any research to find out which book it might be, I kind of expected this one already. I’ve been really curious about it after hearing so many raving reviews, and oh my god the cover is so gorgeous!

And not only that, the naked hardcover is just as pretty – the endpapers are a MAP and oh my gods this book is just all kinds of pretty! I can’t wait to dive into it and discover this world!

And that’s my unboxing for the March DiversityBear box. I am going to check out the theme for next month, see if it’s something I like and then I might order it again! If you’re interested in this box, you can find DiversityBear on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Or on their actual website of course, where you can be on the lookout for the next box!

What is your favourite bookish item to receive in a subscription box?