Last week, Portkey Games released a trailer for their upcoming Harry Potter Mobile game. The game, called Hogwarts Mystery will allow you to make your own character, get sorted and learn spells at Hogwarts; something Potterheads have been dreaming of forever.

This new sizzle, which debuted at A Celebration of Harry Potter in Orlando last weekend, gives us a look at some of the gameplay we can expect, such as creating our very own student, learning spells in Hogwarts classes, and a few appearances from familiar characters. These range from Professor Snape to Mr Ollivander – we even spotted Fang near the Whomping Willow.

The game, coming out later this year, is set in Hogwarts in the 1980s, meaning that you won’t bump into Harry, but you might well see some of the characters that would’ve been students during this decade, such as Nymphadora Tonks. And, of course, many of our beloved Hogwarts professors from Harry’s days were still around back then too.

I am personally very excited for this game and cannot wait to start playing it! Though I wish it had been a game for computer or console, a mobile game isn’t too bad either (I mean, look at Pokémon Go; I’ve been playing that for almost two years now). This will not be the only Harry Potter game coming out for mobile though, Niantic (the creators of Pokémon Go) is coming out with a game as well. You can find more information on both games on the website of Portkey Games!

Are you going to play these Harry Potter games?