Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes #45

A little bit later than I wanted to, but here we have another Behind the Scenes post! In my opinion, the first two weeks of February were quite uneventful, though I did do some stuff… But without further ado, let’s get into the post!

I went to visit my best friend in the hospital (she had to get surgery done on her neck) and got lost, so she told me to find this statue and she’d find me there… We call it the Jabba statue.

Nori is ready for his first year at Hogwarts! Of course he got sorted into Slytherin!

PIZZA? Yes of course pizza. I mean I practically am a pizza by now.

I bought this really cheap wig from a store to try out for Kate Bishop. It’s too shiny but I think I may have found a way to make it less shiny!

My mum bought these flowers a while back and they finally bloomed. I tried to make some pictures, but of course, a cat had to photobomb.

Then again, Disney is quite the model, look at her little face! <3

My mum and sister went to Eindhoven and my dad and I wanted to go out and eat sushi – but we ended up having sushi together because my mum and sister came back early instead of staying to eat in Eindhoven.

I received the first volume of W.I.T.C.H. in the mail, which Disney is re-releasing! This was my youth and I’m happy I can reread these comics again!

I promised Tanja that as soon as she was able to eat normally again, I’d buy her pizza. So when she got home from the hospital, I went to her house and gave her pizza.

Suddenly, without warning, PoGo released Plusle in Europe. Before this, Plusle was an American-only release, but now both Plusle and Minun are available worldwide!

I went to Haarlem to pick up a Funko I had pre-ordered months before and completely forgot about, and naturally, I wandered into the bookstore where I bought two books and this Six of Crows candle by Letters and Lights! (It smells SO GOOD).

My sister bribed me into seeing Winchester, a horror movie. She basically bought me two cans of rum+coke and popcorn and well let’s just say this was the crappiest horror movie I have ever seen. Damn.

My mum and I went shopping because I wanted to… I don’t even remember why I wanted to go but we went to Primark, and then I went on the hunt for a small guitar or ukelele. Didn’t find any, but I did find this Lego Kylo Ren.

This is how Maki fell asleep on my windowsill… Silly cat!

PoGo released a new 5-star raid boss, Rayquaza, and I decided to go to a raid that was close to my place. I got six balls and caught it with the last one! Yay!

To ‘celebrate’ I decided to order pizza, because why the heck not?!

I was reading Batman: Nightwalker and decided to pick up Hero at the Fall as well. Ended up finishing Nightwalker before even reading one word of HatF but I can finally now pick that book up!

I found a ukelele at the Lidl! It was supposed to be part of a set with a flute, a booklet and a guitar pick, but I could only find this ukelele so I got a discount on it! I’m going to paint it to look like Ernesto de la Cruz’s guitar!

finally saw My Neighbor Totoro and it is SO ADORABLE. I want my own gigantic Totoro. Pls.

PoGo had a special Valentine’s Day event where this heart-shaped Pokémon was not only spawning more frequently but also available as a shiny variant. I caught a shiny one an hour before the event supposedly ended (only then, the game had an outage and they extended the event w/ 24 hrs).

And that concludes this post! See you soon!