Behind the Scenes

No more reviews?

You’ve probably noticed there’s a serious lack of reviews on my blog; you’re absolutely right. For a while, I haven’t really been feeling like writing full-length reviews of a book or movie I finished. Partly because I just want to move on and read/watch the next thing, but partly also because it actually stresses me out. I often just cannot tell you properly why I rated one book three stars and another five stars. I feel like my reviews are starting to become the same with just a couple of different words.

So I’ve decided to stop writing full-length reviews, to stopĀ forcingĀ myself to write reviews. If I want to, I’ll write a full review of a book or movie I’ve finished, but it’s not going to be a regular thing. From now on, I’ll just concentrate on writing those collective posts, where I talk about every ten books I’ve read. As for movies – well I’m watching one a day so I might write something similar to the collective book posts, but I might also not.

I am going to add a gif to every short review I write in that post to make it a bit nicer because the part I loved about full-length reviews was trying to find a gif that matched my feelings towards the book.