Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes #44

It feels to me like I posted the previous BTS yesterday, but it has truly been two weeks since that post. Oh well, it’s time for another BTS, in which I – again – eat a lot of pizza, and I catch a very amazing Pokémon in Pokémon Go! So let’s dive into the last weeks of January!

Maki loves sitting with his paws crossed, it looks so adorable every time he does that!

Pizza nr… What was it? Six? I think this was pizza nr. 6.

The owners of a Dutch webshop decided to closse down their webshop and they had this giant site-wide sale going on. I checked their Funko category and saw two Pops I technically didn’t need, but they were discounted so I couldn’t let this pass me by…

Look, we were in Rotterdam for a really cool thing and we wanted food and we both didn’t really feel 10/10 so we ended up eating at one of the restaurants closest to the venue. Which ended up being Pizza Hut.

We were in Rotterdam for Harry Potter in concert! This time it was Prisoner of Azkaban, which is my favourite movie ánd book, and so I had to go to this one. We had seats all the way in the back which was amazing tbh.

This is a really weird and bitey alarm clock?

Pokémon Go had a Community Day event where Pikachu spawned on every corner of the street, and I finally got a Shiny Pikachu! We also did a test to ‘trigger’ an EX-Raid invite (for Mewtwo) on two gyms in our town. It was lots of fun to do a raid with so many people, even though I didn’t catch the Kyogres.

Look at this cute little face! <3

I decided on a whim to dye my hair purple. I’ve had purple before and really missed it, but it only worked well on blonde hair… And guess what colour my hair was before this? Yeah, blonde. So I convinced my sister to dye my hair and I AM SO IN LOVE WITH IT <3

In my defence: this was my mum’s idea. It’s kind of a running joke in my family that every time someone asks me what I want for dinner, I answer ‘pizza’. And this time, my mum asked me if I wanted pizza for dinner!

Our little pug was over for a couple of days because my sister went to the PoA concert on Sunday and had to work late the next day. So Puggles was here to play with the kittens!

IT WORKED! The Monday after our little EX-raid test, I finally got an invite for a Mewtwo EX raid! And my best friend got one too, finally! And another friend of ours and her boyfriend also got one (though they live in a different town).

I received the new DC Icons book in the mail, this one being Batman: Nightwalker by Marie Lu. I really wanted this book in the same cover style as my Wonder Woman book, and I was happy to find they had it on Bookdepository!

Wowowowowowow. I’m eating something that’s not pizza? Yeah, we decided to get Subway one day for dinner, because my dad and I saw a commercial on TV and we were both like ‘I WANT’.

PoGo released 23 new Pokémon in the game, and though they are quite rare, I did manage to catch this one! Which I obviously named after my favourite person of all time. My BFF named this Pokémon after me, by the way!

I had lost Nori for a while, and then I suddenly heard him moving… He’d decided to fall asleep in this massive Hogwarts bag I have lying around in my room… He really loves bags!

Snorlax wanted to cosplay, but I think he made it a bit too small!

We went to see The Death Cure and oh my god I am still not over this movie.

There was this hashtag going around on Instagram, #cosplayersaskids and I decided to participate. I was so cute, wasn’t I? (And so blonde omfg).

Here we have all the physical books I read in January. I read five more books, but they were all ebooks. I especially loved Warcross and my rereads of Sea of Monsters and Wires and Nerve!

I watched Indiana Jones for the first time in my life, and while I enjoyed this movie – I can’t say I loved it. It was really cheesy and that’s just not really my thing… I loved seeing John Rhys Davies though!

AND I CAUGHT THE MEWTWO! I went to the raid on Wednesday and we beat him easily, but then came the hardest part – we had to catch him.. Luckily, a friend of mine had already said he was quite easy to catch, if you threw the ball at the right time… And after a couple of missed balls, I finally caught him! Yay!

See you in February!