Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes #43

New year, new me! Haha, no, let’s not do that… But we do have a new Behind the Scenes post! It’s been fifteen days since January started, and though I didn’t do a lot I did make some pictures, which I will share with you in this post! Be prepared for lots of cats and pizza. Literally. A lot of pizza. Oops.

We got Nori a little carrot toy that he absolutely loves! He’s been playing with it almost non-stop since we gave it to him, so cute!

On the 30th of December, my parents took my sister and me out for sushi, which was amazing of course!

I went to my best friend’s house for New Year’s Eve, where we played Cards Against Humanity – she has this fandom-based game with mostly Marvel and Harry Potter cards, and some of our friend group’s inside jokes. This was one of my winning cards!

And another winning card from my part. Because this is basically canon. Come on.

We had these big… sparklers? (I have no idea what these are called in English, sorry) that I absolutely love. It’s basically the only type of ‘firework’ that I really like lighting myself.

And then it was 2018! We celebrated by drinking, singing along to Bohemian Rhapsody and going to the BBC channel at 1am so we could watch the British fireworks as well!

On the 1st of January, I went to my gran’s house to watch it while she was watching my uncle’s house. This dollhouse was made by my grandfather for my sister and me. We used it for our barbie dolls and ocassionally a cat used it as a bed to sleep in…

There was a bit of a storm going through our town and my gran’s bird houses didn’t really make it. Unfortunately.

To celebrate the new year, I decided to order pizza on the first, because I didn’t feel like cooking. Little did I know that both my best friend ánd my sister would order pizza as well… We’re so predictable!

First book of the year was Warcross, which I ended up loving! I got this copy from Marie herself, and it’s a pretty hardcover with her autograph in it, and oh my god I am so happy I have this copy now because this book was just amazing!

Maki likes to lie on my lap in weird positions…

My parents went away for dinner one night, so my sister and I ordered sushi. Because why the hell not?

We then dressed Nori up, which he did not enjoy at all, but he looked so cute in his little jacket!

Without any announcement, Pokémon Go decided to swap two of the Gen3 regionals. We used to have Seviper here in Europe, but one day him and Zangoose swapped places. So now Europe (and some other parts, though I don’t remember which) have Zangoose and America (among others) have Seviper!

Tanja and I went to see The Greatest Showman on the 2nd of January, and I’ve basically been listening to the soundtrack ever since. I love Hugh Jackman, and anyone who tells me he can’t sing – WATCH. THIS. MOVIE.

What can I say – I like to be consistent.

I am still lowkey pissed I got this cover instead of the one I actually ordered (will probably try to get the right cover very soon), but I do really want to read Fire Study by Maria V. Snyder. Except I don’t remember the other two books at all – so rereads are in order!

I tried something new? I mean it’s still pizza – and it had ingredients I love (egg, bacon) – but the pizza was just really gross.

The prettiest boi in the world

The most charming boi in the world. (Seriously Maki wtf).

We put some smoll Christmas Pokémon in a gym. We were basically kicked out after a couple of hours alread, but it was totally worth it. Look at them being cute!

PoGo announced a new Level 5 raid boss – Kyogre! Tanja, Mitchel and I did a raid (my first) and I caught mine with a critical catch, which made me super happy – because I heard he was pretty damn hard to catch!

A friend of ours just moved to his own place, and we decided to visit, play Mario Kart and eat pizza.

I hate past me. This was on my bed waiting for me when I came home at 4am, feeling tired and ready to lay my body down on my bed… Luckily I left a blanket underneath, so I could just scoop up the blanket and dump it on my chair(drobe).

We went into town to buy birthday presents for a friend of ours, and this shop called Action had the Jyn Erso doll I had wanted! I had bought Cassian ages ago and had hoped the shop would get Jyn as well (because they’re cheap af there), and there she was! My OTP!

LOL. Pizza again. This time we went to a restaurant in Utrecht (the one we go to every time we’re in Utrecht, seriously the owner recognises our group already). The best restaurant, because they are close to two Pokéstops and a gym!

And that concludes the first two weeks of January already! Not very eventful, but very pizza-filled at least! I am going to try to make a picture of every pizza I eat this year and see how much I’ve eatn in December… Place your bets!

See you next time!