Top Ten Tuesday

Ten Characters I Would Love to Dress Up As For Halloween

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, and has a different subject every week. This week’s subject is about Halloween, and there were two options; ten movies/TV shows/Books you’d watch/read to get ready for Halloween OR ten characters you’d want to dress up as for Halloween. I’ve chosen the latter, because I LOVE dressing up. I also decided to go for five characters I still want to dress up as, and five characters I have already ‘cosplayed’ (cosplay is basically a fancy word for dressing up as a character).

Characters I would love to dress up as: 


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1. Alina Starkov (The Grisha Trilogy) – I love the Grisha trilogy, and I just love the Grisha in general. The way their costumes were described, and those drawings of Alina wearing her kefta, I really want to make myself a kefta and just walk around announcing I am the sun summoner! Oh, if only I could make my own costumes (I am going to try to learn soon, though).


2. Katniss Everdeen (The Hunger Games) – Who wouldn’t want to dress up as Katniss? I’ve got the pin, the hair (though mine is actually black, while her hair – in the movie at least – is more dark brown) and I’ve got a bow (which needs a paintjob first). Now I only need to get all the other items and I’m done! (Wouldn’t it be awesome though to do her Mockingjay suit? Though that would probably take lots of work).


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3. Anna Korlov (Anna Dressed in Blood) – You take a white dress, and you spill a lot of fake blood on it. The more the merrier. Then, you make yourself look a bit paler and perhaps add some slashes and shadows to your face. And there you are, you are Anna from Anna Dressed in Blood. I would love to do this, only I am so scared to ruin a beautiful white dress with fake blood. Oh well.


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4. Annabeth Chase (Percy Jackson) – I already have a blonde wig, and I only need an orange Camp Halfblood shirt and a New York Yankees cap. And perhaps a knife and her necklace. And voila, I’m Annabeth. I love her – she’s amazing, she’s clever, she’s Athena’s daughter!


5. Beatrice Prior (Divergent) – I could do her Abnegation outfit, her Dauntless outfit – though I think I’d prefer her Dauntless outfit, because I like wearing black. The only problem perhaps is that I think my wig is too blonde for her. (Although fancasts have used very blonde girls as Tris, I like Shailene’s hair a bit better).

Characters I have dressed up as before: 


6. (A female version of) Castiel (Supernatural) – I decided to do a Castiel cosplay even before I saw him on the show. I’d seen gifs and pictures of him before I’d even watched Supernatural of course, and I already liked the outfit. It’s simple, but recognisable. Just a beige trenchcoat and a blue tie and bam, you’re Castiel! Unfortunately, the night before I was supposed to wear it at RingCon, I ripped the tights I was supposed to wear underneath it, so I ended up wearing blue ones instead (but hey, they almost matched my tie so that wasn’t a problem). I got a couple of compliments, even one from Sebastian Roché, who plays Balthazar on the show!


7. Arwen (Lord of the Rings) – I just wanted to cosplay an elf, and Arwen seemed like the perfect option for me; mainly because of the colour of her hair. It would have been easier for me to dye my hair black than to dye it blonde for Galadriel, or red for Tauriel. I currently own two of Arwen’s dresses, not self-made or made my someone else unfortunately, but just store-bought (or internet/con-bought) dresses. They both look a lot like Arwen’s actual dresses in the movie, only they are a bit shorter (which is actually a bit annoying because they stop at around my ankles and u g h).


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8. A Hobbit (The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings) – Ever since the first HobbitCon I wanted to dress up as a Hobbit, mainly because those outfits are very simple – a skirt, a shirt and a bodice. Only, I couldn’t make anything myself. So I bought a shirt, got a friend of mine to make the skirt and bought a bodice from someone on Etsy (which I am not doing again, because it’s actually a bit too small for me). I am going to remake the bodice though, which I am going to try to do myself, and then I’ll wear it for HobbitCon again next year!


9. Luna Lovegood (Harry Potter) – Luna is my favourite character of Harry Potter, and I have always wanted to cosplay her. So when RingCon was coming up, I decided to just go for it. I bought her spectrespecs, her butterbeer cork necklace and a Ravenclaw tie (a cheap one, because it’s not my house so I am not going to buy an official  one). Eventually, I decided to go for her Half Blood Prince outfit at the beginning of the movie, and I had lots of fun wearing it (I think I got recognized by several people, but one of them only recognized me because of the glasses, meh).


10. Amy Pond (Doctor Who) – Amy was the first companion I saw on the telly, and I fell in love with her outfits, her hair and her accent. Most of her outfits were things I would wear (lots of skirts, flannel shirts, etc); so I decided to just collect some of her outfits. I think I have at least five or six of her outfits, not all complete but working on it. My favourite one is the one from The Time of Angels and Flesh and Stone; because of the jumper (which is the exact same one she wears on the show). I only need to find a good wig because I am not a redhead anymore.