Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes #42

Oh wow, December is over, and that also means 2017 is over already! I have one more Behind the Scenes post for you before the year ends, and this time it’s full of kittens, pizza and Christmas!

Of course I had pizza. I don’t even remember whose idea it was, but we had pizza. Yay!

We put our little Christmas tree up! We decided to go for a little one, because we didn’t have space for a big one and we were afraid the kittens would wreck it.

I wanted to rewatch all Star Wars movie before The Last Jedi, but it was a bit weird seeing Carrie on screen. I actually sobbed when I saw her on screen. I miss her SO MUCH.

I made this Dark Rey cosplay for a Halloween party, but I’m actually planning on perfecting it and wearing it for Dutch Comic Con in March!

I was in a bit of a mood so I ordered pizza.

My mum and I went into town and I got these Harry Potter bunting from Primar. I’ve been wanting to make my own for a while, but when I found these, I decided to just buy them.


Swans are beautiful, but I’m also lowkey terrified of them, to be honest.

All books and graphic novels I bought this year. It’s a little over 100, and I’ve read a majority of them, which makes me feel better to be honest.

LOOK AT HOW CUTE THEY ARE! Of course we couldn’t put actual Christmas hats on them, so I just photoshopped some on their little heads.

Christmas Eve dinner! No one really felt like cooking, so my dad ended up getting McDonald’s.

Then, my mum went upstairs to wrap presents, and my dad and I watched a 3D movie! It’s really cool, and so much less headache-inducing than a 3D movie in the cinema!

This wasn’t even all of it, because my sister&her boyfriend and my gran hadn’t added their presents yet. I did get a lot of great things, which I’ll show in my wrap-up post!

One of the things I got was THE CHIP MUG! I’ve been looking for this for ages but my mum bought it for me for Christmas, ahhhhh!

On the second day of Christmas (yes, us Dutchies have two) we made pizzas. I love this pizzarette, though it often takes a long time for the pizzas to cook, it’s a great way of doing something fun with food!

Look at my cute boyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! <3

My sister got me this ice cube tray which is basically Darth Vader’s head. I can put Darth Vader in my drinks.

Look at mum and her smoll kitten being adorable! <3

My sister also got me this book light, which I had ben eyeing for a while – and my sister noticed and bought it for me! It’s so cute and small and it has different colours!

So that concludes 2017 for me! How was your year? Did you do any cool things? Did you make any cool pictures? I am proably going to try to do this weekly from now on, or at least try to actually do it bi-weekly because I am kind of bad at that, in case you haven’t noticed. What I am definitely going to try is make more pictures every day. Even if my day isn’t as eventful.

See you in 2018!