While 2017 was full of amazing things; events, trips and such – I hope that next year will be just as amazing! In this post I will talk about four events I am really excited for, and another that is probably going to happen but isn’t 100% certain yet. All in order of when they’re taking place, of course.

Prisoner of Azkaban in concert – 18/01

Like last year, and the year before, Tanja and I are going to see a Harry Potter movie in concert. This time, it’s Prisoner of Azkaban, which is my personal favourite movie and I am so so excited! It’s also a lot sooner this year, it’s in January already! SO PUMPED!

Meeting Marissa Meyer – 20/03

A couple of weeks ago, Blossom Books – a Dutch publisher – announced Marissa Meyer was coming to the Netherlands for a short visit. Only – it was on a Tuesday night, in Eindhoven (which is on the other side of the country for me). But a friend of mine convinced me to just go, especially because she might not come back for another couple of years – so I bought a ticket and I am meeting one of my favourite authors EVER!

Dutch Comic Con – 30/03 & 01/04

Last year I missed out on regular Dutch Comic Con because it was a week before I went to London. This year, I am definitely going, and I definitely already have my cosplays planned! Tanja, Mitchel and I are doing a Pokémon trainer group, and on the other day, I am wearing my Dark Rey costume, which I’ve never worn to a convention before!

MCM October – Dates not announced yet

For years I’ve been seeing pictures of my friends going to a UK convention called MCM, and for years I’ve been wanting to go too. This year, I am going to try my best to save enough money throughout the year so I can finally go to an MCM convention!

Another convention (DCC Winter? ACC?)

Of course, my country has a couple of other great conventions, so I’m planning on going to at least another one of those. Possibly the winter edition of Dutch Comic Con, and maybe one day of Amsterdam Comic Con. I personally prefer Dutch Comic Con, so I guess I’ll definitely go to that one. For ACC it kind of depends on whether they announce a great actor (and whether or not they cancel before the con starts, because that happens – not ACC’s fault, but still a bit of a shame whenever that happens and you’ve bought a weekend ticket).

And that is it! This was the last post in my Best of 2017/In 2018 series! I had fun making these posts, and I will certainly do these again next year. Hope you’ve had a wonderful Holiday season and I wish you all a happy new year!

See you in 2018!