Best of the Year

BOTY – Best Events of 2017

On this day of Best of the Year, I will be talking about some of the events I went to in 2017. I travelled a lot this year, did some last-minute things and had lots of fun with friends of course. Below, I’m going to tell you which events were my favourites and which ones will certainly stay with me for the rest of my life.

Berlin – 16 February until 19 February

Honestly, this was a really last-minute trip. Tanja and I hadn’t really planned on going to the Berlin Film Festival after it was announced Logan would premiere there. But then, Diego Luna – my favourite actor, in case you haven’t paid attention – announced he was chosen to be in the international jury. Which meant he would be in Berlin for almost a week. We booked plane tickets, hotels, tickets to see Logan at the festival – and then suddenly it was time to go there. While I didn’t get an autograph or photo from Patrick Stewart and didn’t get a picture with Hugh Jackman, I am so happy I got to see them in real life. I did get both from Dafne Keen, and the next day I got to meet Diego. I just about died and it’s still the best thing in my life.

London – 10 April until 14 April

This was a trip I had planned in advance… A year and a half in advance in fact. Because that was when my sister, two of her friends, and I booked tickets to see The Cursed Child – the official eighth Harry Potter story. We also booked tickets for the Harry Potter studio tour, went to see all the tourist-y things and I had my picture taken with the actual TARDIS! I also, of course, bought a lot of things, because I have problems.

Lanzarote – 25 July until 1 August

In July, I went on my first real vacation since… Forever… My grandma decided to take the entire family (ok almost the entire family) with her to Lanzarote, where we stayed for a little over a week. I had lots of fun, got a nice tan, read some great books and I also bought a bunch of them, of course, because I cannot go somewhere without buying books.

Harry Potter in Concert – 2 September

In September, Tanja and I went to see Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets in concert in Rotterdam. We’d loved seeing the first movie so much, we got tickets for this second movie as soon as they were available. We also decided to go to Rotterdam somewhere in the afternoon, so we wouldn’t have to hurry and stress ourselves out like we did the last time.

Dutch Comic Con – 18 & 19 November

And in November, it was time for Dutch Comic Con, the Winter edition. I decided not to go to the regular one because it was in between Berlin and London and I had spent too much money in Berlin already, so I was extra excited to go to this winter edition. I cosplayed Quicksilver on day one, and Queenie Goldstein on day two. I also met Maker & Muse Cosplay, a cosplayer I had been admiring for a while, whose Queenie cosplay is my favourite of them all!

And those were my favourite events of 2017! I’m looking forward to some events in 2018 already, but I’ll talk about those in a later post!

What was your favourite event this year?