Behind the Scenes

Goals for 2018

I am honestly not a huge fan of New Year’s Resolutions because often they are unrealistic goals that people will never complete by the end of a year. I do often write down a couple of goals that I want to lowkey complete in a year, but I won’t force myself to actually have them completed by the end of the year. This post is going to be all about that. Like I said, these are very lowkey goals, and I am not going to expect to finish all of them when 2018 ends, but I do really hope I at least manage to finish half of them!

Reading goals
  • Read 75 books — As usual, I put up a reading goal on Goodreads, but for the first time, I’ve lowered my goal. Normally, I’d put my goal on 100 books, but there are so many other things I want to do this year, so I’ve decided to just lower my goal and see how far I come. I am 99.9% sure I am going to make this goal and probably pass it as well, but I am not going to raise it later on in the year.
  • Read more non-superhero Graphic Novels — I love Marvel, and I love the comics and graphic novels they release every year. But I also want to read different graphic novels, about ‘normal’ people without powers. So if you have any recommendations regarding graphic novels, let me know!
  • Read 12 unread books I bought in 2017 — I bought around 100 books last year, and while I read a majority of them, there are still plenty of books on my shelf that are unread. I’ve put together a list of 11 books and one comic that I want to have read by the end of this year.
  • Reread all of Rick Riordan’s books in publishing order — Recently I purchased a box set of Percy Jackson books, as I had never physically owned them. Because of that, my urge to reread all of Rick’s books has been high. So this year, I am going to try to reread all of the books, including all the little in-between books that exist in this universe.
  • Get rid of TBR books (physical, Goodreads) — I own a lot of books; some I loved, some I didn’t. A lot of them are still unread, and I am not sure I am going to read all of those. So I think a big TBR clean up, both a physical and a digital one are in order.

Movie goals

  • Watch all movies I want to see in cinema — Every month I make a list of movies I want to see in the cinema. I don’t always go and see those movies, though, but I want to make a change to that. I got a Pathé pass, with which I can see any movie in the cinema without paying extra. So yeah, there’s no excuse to not go and see a movie!
  • The Big Disney (re)watch — I’ve posted about this before, I want to rewatch a lot of Disney movies, and then watch a bunch more that I’ve never seen before. Including Marvel, Star Wars, Studio Ghibli, Indiana Jones and Pixar movies.
  • Buy more favourite movies on DVD — A couple of years ago, I hardly owned any DVDs, because I didn’t have the means to watch them (no TV + no DVD player). Now, I am building quite the collection, and I want to expand it even more. DVD’s are rather expensive, so I guess I’ll buy most of them second hand.
  • Find more movie novelizations to read — I love movie novelizations, especially if you learn more about the movie and the characters through the written word. So my goal is to buy and read more movie novelizations this year!

Other goals

  • Learn Welsh — I purchased a Welsh course a while back and did actually do a couple of the exercises, but I’m both a procrastinator and a perfectionist, so I never actually continued it properly. This year, I really want to go for it and make good progress through my course!
  • Clean room — I think I put this goal on every goal list I make, but it’s a thing I really want to complete. Unfortunately for me, I can’t just spend a couple of days cleaning throughout the day, because I get too tired too easily. So this will be a slow progress.
  • Complete (at least) 5 cosplays — Last year was a nice cosplay year, but I did wear some cosplays multiple times. In 2018, I want to make/gather at least 5 cosplays and wear them all at conventions!
  • Make a Rune version of the Tales of Beedle the Bard — This has always been a thing I wanted to do, translate the Tales of Beedle the Bard into runes and write them down in a book. I’m picking Norse Runes, or perhaps the Dwarvish Runes from Lord of the Rings and will probably add another magical fairytale book as well to fill up the pages more. I’m going to document this progress on Instagram, so if you’re curious about it, you can follow me there!
Do you have any goals this year?