Best of the Year

BOTY – Best Music of 2017

On this third day of BOTY, I will talk about music! I’ve decided to divide this into two sections; in the first one, I’ll talk about my five favourite songs from movies I’ve seen this year, which will be in alphabetical order. In the second part, I will tell you which books/albums I’ve listened to the most throughout the year, which will be ordered from most listened to, to least listened to.

Songs from Movies

1. Diego Luna – The Apology Song
(from The Book of Life)

I loved this song already when I first heard it, back when I saw the movie in 2014/2015 – but when I was ‘introduced’ to Diego Luna (the guy who sings it) through Rogue One I fell in love with both the movie and this song. It’s great in English already, but the Spanish version is just as amazing! (Seriously, go and look it up on Youtube, the Spanish version is called Si Puedes Perdonar).

2. Jay & the Americans – Come a Little Bit Closer
(from Guardians of the Galaxy, vol. 2)

The soundtrack for both GotG movies is amazing, but this song is really one that stayed with me. Because the scene the song is used for is just one of the best ones in the whole movie! If you’ve seen the movie, you’ll know which scene I’m talking about, and for those who haven’t seen the movie (why not?????) I’ve added it here for you!

3. Dan Stevens – Evermore
(from Beauty and the Beast)

Of course, there were the original songs from the old movie added to the live-action remake, but the makers of this movie decided to add a couple of new songs as well. One of them was Evermore, sung by Dan Stevens aka the Beast and IT. IS. AMAZING!

4. Led Zeppelin – The Immigrant Song
(from Thor: Ragnarok)

Look, normally I don’t love music with text used in movies unless it’s a movie like Guardians or a movie that revolves around music (for example Baby Driver), but the use of this song in Thor: Ragnarok was perfect and on point. It’s been in my head ever since and damn I want to see the movie again!

5. Gael García Bernal – Remember Me
(from Coco)

I think this is the first time I’ve seen a song with so many different versions. The version below is sung by Gael García Bernal who voiced Hector, but there are versions from both Miguel and Ernesto de la Cruz – there are Spanish versions, versions sung by real-life artists, and oh god I love them all so so so so so much! This song definitely deserves to win awards for ‘the song that made me both cry and smile at the same time’.

Most listened to in 2017

1. The Book of Life Soundtrack

I mean, it’s Diego. It’s obviously my most listened to album.

2. Metallica – The Four Horsemen

This song is just perfect for when I’m writing, in a bad mood, in a good mood, when I’m trying to stay awake – this song is perfect for everything. I’ve known Metallica for years already, but I never really listened to them a lot, so I didn’t know this song was theirs until I heard it in X-Men Apocalypse last year.

3. Moana Soundtrack

Again, pretty obvious that I have listened to this album a lot. It’s my favourite Disney movie to date, and damn I just love hearing Dawyne Johnson sing.

4. Walk the Moon – Shut Up and Dance

this song was used in a HobbitCon video where actors and congoers were filmed by a special crew. The video (which you can watch here) was shown at the closing ceremony for HobbitCon, and it brings both happy and sad memories – happy ones because I see myself dancing with my friends, and sad ones because it reminds me that that was the last ever HobbitCon. *sad sigh*

5. Eurythmics – Sweet Dreams

I mean if you don’t know why this song is one of my most listened songs, then you don’t even know me. It starts with Q and it ends with Uicksilver being a BAMF.

And that concludes day three of Best of the Year! Tomorrow I’m going to talk about some things I did this year that I have fond memories of!

What is your most listened album this year?