Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes #41

We’re onto the final month of this year, and also the second-to-last Behind the Scenes post. This time, the post will include the last two weeks of November as well, because I am an idiot and I forgot to do things at the end of November. Let’s take a look at these past three weeks, shall we?

Look at granny and grandson lying butt to butt! And without any nasty ‘comments’ from granny, wow!

It was time for Dutch Comic Con! Two friends from Germany came over and stayed at Tanja’s house, so we had a ride for both days. On Saturday, the four of us went as X-Men characters while Mitchel (Tanja’s boyfriend) went as Ash from Pokémon.

We saw a line somewhere and decided to queue up as well, but when we got to the front we found out we needed to take a picture with Mario first to get a thing for free, so we did! Yay Mario!

When Jubilee is having her picture taken, so you take selfies while waiting for your turn.

Awkward Maximoff/Lehnsherr/Xavier family photo!

On Saturday, we went out for dinner with a large group, to celebrate Tanja’s birthday. This was my pizza, and it was delicious, ahhhh!

My dad picked me up from Tanja’s place and we went to my sister’s place to pick up my other sister. They were playing Cards Against Humanity, and I picked this one as a winner for one of the rounds.

On Sunday, Tanja and I went as Tina and Queenie while Essie and Felix went as characters from Underworld. I found me a Fantastic Beast!

We bought these cans of ‘sparkling water’ which have different tastes. I don’t remember what Jigglypuff was, but Bulbasaur was apple, though I haven’t tried it yet.

Some foreign cosplayer came over to DCC as well, one of them being Imogen (aka Maker & Muse Cosplay) who is my absolute favourite Queenie cosplayer, so of course, I had to take a selfie with her!

That Sunday night, my parents weren’t really doing anything for dinner, so my sister and I ordered pizza. Because why not?

Sacha, a friend of mine, went to Facts in Belgium a while back and sent me a message asking if I had this Funko already and – if not – if she should bring it for me. I practically jumped with joy when she said it because I had been looking for a Manolo funko for AGES.

Happy little family watching the rain outside!

Look at the little brothers lying nose-to-nose, SO CUTE!


Felix made a couple of pictures of us in our Goldstein cosplays and I am very happy to finally have some professional pictures of cosplays, yay!

Pokémon Go launched a global event challenging us to catch 3 billion Pokémon together. Our reward would be that Farfetch’d would appear worldwide, and WE DID IT! I’m so happy because I wasn’t really planning a trip to Japan anytime soon…

I feel so blessed whenever Nori decides to pick my lap to sleep on. He’s not a lap-cat at all, so whenever he does sit on someone’s lap it’s a miracle!

Another photographer took some pictures of our X-Men cosplays, and I especially like this one, because you can see my Walkman really clearly!

My parents and I went to Intratuin to look at their Christmas stuff. I bought some materials for a project I’ve been meaning to do for a while and some other small things. The store looked really amazing and honestly I could just walk around there for a day without even really buying anything.

As we were on our way to do a Gym Raid, I finally caught a shiny Magikarp! Which I, of course, evolved into a shiny Gyarados immediately! Funny thing, I was talking about the necklace I’m getting from my gran for Christmas which has a four-leaf clover on it, and my friend commented on how that won’t give me more luck, but guess what – talking about it did, ha ha ha!

Here’s a little preview of the project I’m doing – yes I’m making my own Enchanted Rose! I wanted to buy the one from Primark, but by the time we saw the pictures on Instagram, it was probably already sold out (or they hadn’t received it yet, either way, it wasn’t there), so I decided to just make one myself. The lights may be a little too bright (and too blue) but the rest is 100% OK!

PoGo announced their next Legendary raid would be Ho-Oh, a Pokémon from the second generation. We went to do a raid (where I caught my shiny Magikarp), which was my first Ho-Oh raid, and I caught it immediately!

I made a picture of the moon a while back because it looked really pretty, but I forgot I had this until I looked in a folder on my computer. So here it is, look at how beautiful it is!

My true TBR for December. I made a bigger TBR at first with only white books but ended up putting most of those back on my shelves in favour of doing a little ‘rewind’ TBR. I’m rereading four favourites and reading two new books, hopefully!

We finally went to see Coco in December and I LOVED IT. I might try and write a review about it, but let’s just say I sobbed during the last part of the movie and I immediately got the soundtrack and I’ve been listening to it ever since.

I caved and got myself a new Sleeping Beauty Funko because as much as I love the old one, this one is SO PRETTY AND THAT DRESS AND THAT HAIR! I sadly didn’t get the (blue) chase but this one is still so so pretty!

My dad wasn’t home for dinner one night, so my mum, sister and I ordered pizza. And I had a glass of whiskey with it because #yolo.

I’d already bought Héctor at Dutch Comic Con a couple of weeks ago, but after seeing the movie I knew I had to buy Miguel as well. When I received him, I put him in between Héctor and Manolo and they kind of look like his singing dads now?

And then it started snowing, and the kittens went outside in the snow for the first time in their life. Let’s just say they were not amused. Nori literally sat under the table unless we dragged him out from underneath it. Maki went for a pee and then made a beeline for the door again. Still, we got some pictures!

Snow is much nicer to look at from the windowsill while it’s outside and you’re inside.

And that concludes this BTS post, there’s only one more left in 2017, and then we’ll be in a new year! I’ll try to update more frequently next year!

See you soon!