A while ago, I was rewatching a couple of Disney movies that I know and love. Then, I realised that there are so many movies that have sequels that I’ve never seen before. And that there are a lot of other Disney movies I never saw that people will probably give me grief over if I ever admitted to that. So, my mind made up the brilliant idea to compile a list of all the movies Disney had ever released, so I could do a big Disney rewatch.

At least, that was the idea until I found out that Disney, as a company,  has released and distributed over 700 movies. This includes movies from Pixar Studios, Studio Ghibli, The Chronicles of Narnia, Indiana Jones, Star Wars ánd Marvel. 700+ movies, yeah that’s not going to happen.

I decided to pick out the movies that interested me, leaving a lot of the older live action movies behind. I’m concentrating on mostly the animated stuff, and the occasional live-action movie (or remake) from the 90s and on. All in all, I now have a list of around 265 movies, which I will watch in the order they came out, starting with Snow White and ending with the most recent release, The Last Jedi (by the time this list starts that movie will be out). I’ve decided not to add any movies that come out in 2018 because I will probably already go and watch them when they come out.

If you’re curious, here’s the list of movies I plan to watch

If you look at my list and think ‘hey you don’t have *insert movie* on there’, let me know in a comment or on twitter, and I’ll check it out because I would love to get any suggestions!

I’m going to try to watch them all in 2018, which means I need to watch 5 movies a week if I want to have it finished by December. I haven’t included the Marvel One-Shots in that calculation, but I’ll probably just watch them in between. I might write reviews for the movies I hadn’t seen yet before this, but I am a terrible review writer, so I am not making any guarantees.

Wish me luck! And if you’re doing something similar, let me know!

What is your favourite Disney movie?