If you – like me – have an account on Pop Price Guide, you will know there are a lot of Funko POPs that are worth a lot more than their purchase price. I thought it would be nice to share my ten most valuable POPs with you. Sometimes, the value of a POP goes up because they were exclusives because they are vaulted (aka not being made anymore by Funko) or just because they are very popular. From least to most valuable, I’m telling you where I got my POP, how much I paid for it and how much their estimated value is according to the website. (This does not mean they are supposed to be sold for this price, some shops ask more or less than the estimated value price). (Yes some of these are valued less than what I paid for them, but they are still in my top ten of most valuable Pops on the website).

10. Charlie Bradbury (Supernatural) (Vaulted)

Bought where: ABC in The Hague
Paid what: approx. €13
PPG value: $13 (€11.03)

9. Clara Oswald (Doctor Who) (SdCC exclusive)

Bought where: EMP/Large
Paid what: €20
PPG value: $14 (€11.88)

8. Bodhi Rook (Rogue One) (SDCC exclusive)

Bought where: EMP/Large
Paid what: €20
PPG value: $17 (€15.28)

7. Thor (The Dark World) (vaulted)

Bought where: Elfia (2015)
Paid what: €12/13
PPG value: $20 (€16.98)

6. Unmasked Cyclops (X-Men) (MGB exclusive)

Bought where: In a My Geek Box subscription box
Paid what: £24 (€26.98) in total for the box
PPG value: $21 (€17.83)

5. Cursed Frodo Baggins (LOTR) (Chase)

Bought where: EMP/Large
Paid what: €12.99
PPG value: $30 (€25.46)

4. Stan Lee Superhero (Comikaze exclusive)

Bought where: Custom Jewels
Paid what: €15
PPG value: $33 (€28.01)

3. Aurora (Sleeping Beauty/Disney) (vaulted)

Bought where: Dutch Comic Con
Paid what: €15 (approximately)
PPG value: $34 (€28.86)

2. Luna w/ Spectrespecs (Harry Potter) (SDCC exclusive)

Bought where: EMP/Large
Paid what: €20
PPG value: $48 (€40.74)

1. Legolas (The Hobbit) (vaulted)

Bought where: Present from friend
Paid what: €13-€15 (approximately)
PPG value: $70 (€59.42)

The Price Guide website also shows you your total estimated value, which for me is at $813.00 (€690.09). If you’re a big Funko collector, you should check out the website and add your collection to see how much your POPs are worth!

What is your most valuable Funko Pop?