Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes #40

Last BtS post was for a whole month, but this time I remembered to post it halfway through the month in time! There will be lots of cat pictures, lots of food and some Halloween-y things as well!

Because my sister and I felt like crap after our cat died, our parents told us we could order sushi. So, obviously, we took that change with both hands and ended up gorging ourselves on sushi!

I had another piece of the delicious red velvet cake my sister had gotten for her birthday!

It was Halloween, so I decided to do a spoopy movie marathon. I ended up watching only The Book of Life and Crimson Peak, so actually, it was more of a Guillermo del Toro marathon…

We went grocery shopping, and when we got home, Nori was looking at us from the kitchen window. He looked so confused, I had to make this picture.  Look at that little face! <3

When your cat makes an accidental Instagram photo moment.

When your other cat steals your spot just when you were about to take a nap. (Which is good, because I can’t take naps and I usually wake up ten hours later feeling shittier than before).

The whole family together! And grandma outside looking pissed she’s not inside the house at the moment.

I found this picture of baby Nori and his dad and it made me sad all over again. Nori was really confused the first couple of days because he couldn’t find his dad.

“I want to help!” said Maki, as he decided to lie down on the pants I was supposed to be altering. It’s a good thing he’s cute.

finally finished my Dark Rey cosplay, and I can’t wait to wear it in the future!

“I want to help!” said Nori, as he bit down on another letterbox letter.

Hey look at that, I am eating pizza again!

As we drove back from the Halloween party at 1 am, we saw these lights coming from the distance.

Look at our little Star Wars group, ah we look so cute!

What is it with me and rainbows lately? This one wasn’t a double rainbow, but it was really bright. Maybe the Norse Gods are stalking me?

Hmm, I wonder where my mum is…

He looked so cute in the light of the sun that I did a little mini-shoot with him.

We went to see The Snowman, which I enjoyed but had expected a little more of.

We also saw Murder on the Orient Express, which I really liked! It had a really surprising ending!

I finally caught my first ever SHINY Pokémon in PoGo! Now to decide where I want to evolve him or keep this little Shiny Shuppet!

Very rare picture of the tiny bros being all cute and fluffy.

Pizza. Again. Yeah. My sister’s idea.

The next day was Sint Maarten, which is basically our country’s Halloween. And because we kind of wanted to avoid having to open the door to singing children for the whole evening, we went out for sushi.

I received my PageHabit box in the mail, and I am very excited! I got an extra book and an extra goodie because I won their giveaway and I am so so happy! Both books are annotated by the authors and I LOVE THIS TEA INFUSER!

When you have food and the cats find out you have food. No food is safe.

My sister dyed my hair… It was supposed to be silver, but in the end, my hair was blonde with only my roots being silver. Oh well, it looks nice and different, I guess?

I received my copy of the illustrated edition of Prisoner of Azkaban and if this is Bill Weasley then I would like to thank Jim Kay for making him look SO MUCH like Domhnall Gleeson (who played Bill in DH).

And I finally saw Flatliners, a movie I had been looking forward to ever since it was announced Diego Luna had a role in it. He was pretty, his hair was pretty, and the movie was actually pretty nice. (I think, I mean I was distracted a lot).

And That was the first half of November!