Last month, I got an email from PageHabit telling me I was one of their giveaway winners. I had the opportunity to get an extra book and goodie if I bought one of their boxes, and I grabbed that opportunity with both hands. I had been wanting to buy a PageHabit box for a while now, so this would be the perfect deal. PageHabit is an American-based, bookish subscription box. They have both monthly and quarterly boxes where they send you a book, annotated by the author and some bookish goodies. The quarterly box also has two (or three) additional books, chosen by the author because they inspired their story. I picked the regular, monthly YA box.

My box shipped on the 25th of October and arrived on my doorstep on the 10th of November. I live in the Netherlands, so shipping took a bit longer than usual.

If you haven’t received or opened your box yet, stop reading now!

The first thing I pulled out of the box was this adorable coaster. I’d seen this in the previous box as well, so I assumed it was the extra goodie I got. It’s really nice and does not slip on your desk/table if you put it down.

Next up was this dinosaur/Loch Ness monster tea infuser! I’d been wanting to buy a tea infuser for a while but most ones I found were boring. This one is perfect, though I have yet to acquire some tea leaves.

Another thing in the box was this little pumpkin keychain. If you press the green bit on top it lights up and makes a Halloween-y noise. I have way too many keychains on my keys already, so I’ll probably just put this on my shelves as decoration or something.

The biggest thing in the box was this amazing pillowcase. It’s big, big enough for my pillow, so I immediately put it on my pillow, obviously. It’s designed to look like a library card and it’s bright yellow, ahhh!

Last thing I pulled out before the actual book was a little short story, something PageHabit has been doing for the past couple of boxes. And the other book is the extra book I got, which I found out was this month’s Horror book. This one is also annotated by the author!

And lastly, there is the book. Last Star Burning by Caitlin Sangster. I haven’t heard of this book before, but I am very curious. Along with the book, there was a note from the author, a PageHabit bookmark with a quote from Einstein and a card that tells you all the books that you could get this month and to which country they donated books, for this month it was Congo.

All in all, I was very happy with this box, though I am not going to get another in the near future. I am kind of still looking for a nice European box (that’s not Fairyloot) because the shipping to my country from America is kind of too much (approx. $20/$25).

Did you get this month’s PageHabit box?