Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes #39

Do you remember when I updated this blog regularly? Yeah. Me neither. But here I am, trying once again to be a good blogger and write a post that’s not a Top Ten Tuesday post or a tag. This BTS is for a whole month because I wasn’t in the mood to update you halfway through the month, so yeah without further ado I have 30+ pictures to show to you!

◁ I can’t even get up from my chair for one minute because one of the cats will occupy it without hesitation! This time it was Nori and I actually let him lie on the chair because he is so cute!

My copy of The Ship of the Dead arrived, and I am so so excited! Magnus Chase has certainly been my favourite series of Rick Riordan, and I’m sad to see it end with this book! ▷

◁ I went to see the second Kingsman movie with my best friend, but honestly, I didn’t love it. I was going to write a review for it, but I kept on stalling it until finally, I decided to just delete the post. It wasn’t as great as the previous movie and I especially didn’t like the events at the beginning of the movie.

I received the September ZBOX in the mail at the beginning of this month, and I was very excited because the theme was heroes. It was a nice DC/Marvel box with a little Valiant thrown in, but I am a little bit sad I didn’t get a Marvel Funko. ▷

◁ Let’s do a count, shall we? Pizza #1.

When I received my copy of the Language of Thorns, I had to take a picture of all my Leigh Bardugo books together. Naturally, my had had to photobomb everything, but I did get a cute picture (and a like from Leigh) out of it! ▷

◁ When you take a picture of The Flash with a flash. Ha ha ha. I am so funny.

I decided very last-minute to participate in the Spookathon this year. This was my TBR for the whole week. ▷

◁ I finally bought these two Funko Pops! I’d been wanting to buy both of them for so long, but it wasn’t until I realised that they might be harder to find in the future that I decided I was going to buy them right then and there.

On the 14th, I went to Amstelveen for the Pokémon Go Safari Event. I didn’t manage to get a ticket, though two friends of mine did. With another friend, I went to the Amstelpark where I still had a lot of fun and caught a lot of Pokémon that day. Also, they had Alpacas! ▷

◁ Put all my copies of Philosopher’s Stone together! I have three English copies, one Dutch, one Irish and one illustrated (English) edition! I still want a new hardcover edition and a Welsh one.

Pizza nr. 2. I do believe I didn’t even take pictures of all the pizzas I ate this month. ▷

◁ Went to the cinema again to see… another movie. I don’t even remember which one… But they had this massive stand for Coco, the upcoming Disney/Pixar movie! I’m so excited for this movie, ahhh!

The sun was looking very red one day, which was – according to my mum – due to fires in Portugal and desert sand from the Sahara desert. Oh well, it made for a really cool picture! ▷


◁ If it fits, I sits. She looks the way I have felt for this entire month. Tired af.

LOOK AT THAT. Pizza #3. ▷

◁ Went to see another movie, and I bought a can of rum&coke. Because I earned it.

When your cat wants your food. Pizza #4. ▷

◁ I bought some bandages so I could finally make a start on my Dark Rey cosplay. They didn’t turn out black, but more of a dark grey/blue colour. Still, it’s better than white/brown-ish!

I pulled Nori onto my lap, and he actually fell asleep rather than get off immediately! Blessed! ▷

◁ Pizza #5.

And look at that, pizza #6. ▷

◁ This is how I roll. Cats on your lap, cats by your side.

My sister and her boyfriend came over, and we ordered sushi for the four of us (my other sister included). This was really tasty and now I really want sushi again, ugh. ▷

◁ The three books + one graphic novel I read for the spookathon! Technically, I didn’t finish Thirteen until the day after the Spookathon, but I did read the majority of it that Sunday, so it counts!

Tanja and I went to see Thor in IMAX on Wednesday, and there were these cosplayers who looked AMAZING! You can find Thor and Sif on instagram, I’m not sure if Black Widow has one though. ▷

◁ My little sister turned 18 on the 26th and so we went out to dinner with the whole family. This was a watermelon Margarita and it was really nice!

For dessert I had a Tiramisu, though I was a little full from all the food I’d consumed. ▷

◁ When I went to work on Friday, there was a double rainbow! It did start raining just after I saw the rainbow, but I didn’t mind at all because my dad took me by car and I didn’t need to walk through the rain all the time!

I bought this little lightbox at Zeeman on Saturday because we saw it on Facebook and I had really wanted one. Of course I had to put a Harry Potter quote on it! ▷

◁ On Saturday, we celebrated my sister’s birthday, and my uncle and his girlfriend came over with their NEW PUPPY! LOOK AT HER! SHE’S SO CUTE AND SO TINY AND SO FLUFFY!

My first time ever in a Casino, ha ha ha! My sister really wanted to go to a casino, so we walked to the nearest one (it’s literally a five minute walk I guess) and spent an hour or two there. I lost 10 euros, but my sister won €2 and my other sister’s boyfriend won €50! ▷

◁ On Sunday, we sadly had to say goodbye to one of our cats. Jut, father of our two kittens and son of our oldest cat, had been feeling unwell for a while already. He hardly ate anything but did complain he was hungry all the time. He looked terrible and too thin, so my parents decided to go to a special animal hospital on Sunday, where they did some tests and found out he had leukemia. My parents made the decision to have him put down then and there, because we couldn’t stand to see him suffer for much longer.

Right after my parents came home and my dad buried the cat in the backyard, it started raining. Another pair of rainbows appeared, and that kind of cheered me up, but I still felt like crap for the rest of the day basically. ▷

And that concludes this month!