Unboxing – #ZBOX September ’17

In December last year, I bought my first ZBOX. I’d stumbled upon their website a while before and thought the theme for their December box sounded interesting and Star Wars-y. Throughout this year there were several boxes that sounded interesting but had some things that I knew I wouldn’t like. But September’s theme, Heroes, was right up my alley. I received the box a couple of days ago and immediately opened it to see what goodies they had chosen for this theme! If you have received this box and do not want to be spoiled, please do not read any further!

Like I’d said, the theme for this month was Heroes, and it said the box would feature items from Marvel, DC and Valiant. Along with three exclusive items ánd a Funko Pop figure! That last bit especially had me very excited!

The first item I got out of the box was a Rocket and Groot Q Fiq figure! It’s from the new GoTG movie and it looks absolutely adorable! I loved Groot in the first movie already, and baby Groot grew on me even more. I liked Rocket too, but I didn’t really love him until this second movie. So yeah, the first item was already a winner for me!

Next up was this Spider-Man bowl! It’s a ceramic bowl that you can eat noodles, soup or in my case chocolate out of. The weird thing though was that the package told me it’s not suitable for the dishwasher and microwave, but the bowl itself tells me it’s fine. Oh well, I guess we shall see.

Another item was a Valiant pin. Now I recently acquired a Valiant comic from NetGalley, but I have to say I don’t know them too well… I’ve read two Generation Zero comics from them, but other than that they’re still relatively unknown to me. Still, a pin is nice and if I enjoy the comic I got I will certainly wear it with pride!

Then, there was the Funko Pop! I got Steampunk Batman, which I had somehow expected (I mean DC items in a box? It’s probably going to be Batman or Superman), but when I looked in the little booklet and saw you could also get Starlord I was a little bit sad. Because I love Starlord and I’m not a huge fan of Batman. Still, this steampunk version is cool and I did put it on my bookshelf (next to the only other DC funko I own).

And lastly, there was the t-shirt that they include in every box and the little ZBOX booklet. The t-shirt has a design of Superman on it, created by Joshua Kelly. I really like the design, but again not a huge fan of Superman, so I’m not sure if I’m going to wear this as much as I did with the Star Wars design.

But yeah, this box was really nice, though I kind of wish they had added some smaller things as well, flyers or something. Maybe I’m just too used to all those bookish unboxings that I see on the internet all the time, with their bookmarks and their little chapter samplers, because this box was definitely well worth the price I paid – but yeah I don’t mind getting flyers for comics or movies or something like that.

If you’ve gotten curious, the next ZBOX theme is Chaos, featuring items from Marvel, DC, Cult Vinyl and V for Vendetta. It’s available for Pre-order from the Zavvi website! I’m not sure if I’m going to order this one, maybe I’ll wait for another great theme to pass in the future. But I will definitely keep on checking out this subscription box in the future!

Have you ever ordered a ZBOX?