At the beginning of this year, I posted an updated Funko Pop collection. Since then, I have gotten a lot more Funko Pops, so I thought it would be a good time to update you all on my collection! Once again I have divided them into certain categories, with Marvel and Star Wars being the biggest (no surprises there). I also have a page on PopPriceGuide, so if you’re ever wondering what Funko’s I’ve added to my collection since this post, you can check out my page there!


The first thing I have here is my little Team Iron Man collection. I have Peter Parker and Tony Stark from the Spider-Man: Homecoming collection. War Machine (from Civil War) and Iron Man (from Age of Ultron). Vision from the Age of Ultron collection and Black Widow, also from the Civil War collection.

Next is my little Mutant/X-Men collection. I have a Storm Mystery Mini. A MyGeekBox exclusive of Scott Summers aka Cyclops. Then I have X-23 and her ‘dad’ Logan.

Staying with the mutants, I have four (!) Scarlet Witch figures, two actual Funko Pops and two Dorbz. And in the middle is her brother, Quicksilver!

Then I have the three Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Pops: Melinda May, Agent Coulson and Daisy Johnson. Next to that are Sif and Thor from Thor: The Dark World. (Or maybe Thor was from Age of Ultron, I’m not sure?)

And lastly, in the Marvel Pops, I have Stan Lee as a superhero, Jessica Jones from the TV show, Kamala Khan (aka Ms. Marvel) and Baby Dancing Groot (the Holiday version)!

Star Wars

In the Star Wars collection, I have the entire Rogue One team, with two Cassians. Bodhi was a San Diego Comic Con exclusive, and I believe one of the Cassians was an exclusive as well.

The other Star Wars Pops I own are all from The Force Awakens: General Leia Organa, Han Solo in his winter gear, Poe Dameron in his leather jacket, BB-8, General Hux, Finn and Rey.


In the Disney category, I have Jack Skellington, Sleeping Beauty, a Belle mystery mini, Moana with little Pua, Elsa in her coronation dress and Will Turner.

Harry Potter / Fantastic Beasts

In the Harry Potter collection, I have two Hermione’s – one being the mystery mini and the other the first version that came out from her. Unfortunately, mine has lost her wand. Next to that, I have the SDCC exclusive Luna with her spectrespecs and regular Luna.

As for the boys, I have Ron Weasley and Harry Potter in their Hogwarts robes. I have Sirius Black in his OOTP outfit and Draco Malfoy, also in Hogwarts robes.

And for the Fantastic Beasts collection, I own Jacob Kowalski, Queenie and Tina Goldstein and of course Newt Scamander with an Occamy egg.

Doctor Who

My small Doctor Who collection consists of the 12th Doctor, Clara Oswald, Rory Williams in his centurion outfit, Rose Tyler and the 10th Doctor.

And the rest

From DC, I own only two Funkos: Captain Boomerang and Steampunk Batman. The latter came in a subscription box! From the Tolkien collection, I have Legolas, which is the first Funko I ever got (thank you Diane! <3) and I also have Samwise Gamgee and the chase version of Frodo Baggins.

And lastly, I own Uhura and Pavel Chekov from the Star Trek movies, Charlie Bradbury from Supernatural and Bellamy Blake and Clarke Griffin from The 100.

That concludes my Funko Pop collection, though I am pretty sure I could make a new post like this in maybe six month’s time. Funko just keeps on bringing out so many Funko Pops I want to buy. *sighs*

Do you own any Funko pops?