Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes #38

And we’re at the end of another month! I decided not to do a BTS post halfway through the month, seeing as it was too close to the previous one and I didn’t really have any pictures to show. But at the end of the month, I managed to scrape together some pictures to make it seem as if I did some actual stuff this past month… Let’s take a look at September through pictures!

I received this Kate Bishop suit in the mail, but I’m going to resell it because it doesn’t fit me well enough. I’ve decided to just buy a regular morph suit and make it into this suit myself, that way I will be 100% sure it will be alright.

Before going to see Inhumans at the cinema, Tanja and I went to get sandwiches from Subway. I love Subway and I love their sandwiches, but unfortunately, I don’t go there often enough.

I really enjoyed seeing the first two episodes of Inhumans in IMAX, though I think I’ll need to see the whole first season to form a full opinion on it. So far, it has not surpassed Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. yet, but who knows!

Recently, Disney has been escaping upstairs to make sure her kids aren’t bothering her anymore. Obviously, she chooses my bed to make herself comfortable. Such a cutie!

Tanja had organised a game night at her house, and some of us decided to come a bit sooner for dinner. We ended up ordering pizza, obviously.

Cards Against Humanity is one of my favourite games! It’s so rude and awful at some points, but always incredibly hilarious! This round was a little difficult, as all of our answers were pretty funny…

I love having my Rogue One team together! I just needed K-2SO at this point, but I was sure I would get that one soon enough! I decided to make the shelf above my bed into an official ‘Rogue One’ shelf, so I added the Death Trooper 3D glasses and my Jyn Erso cup to the shelf as well.

Sushi time again! This time we went for my oldest sister’s birthday!

What can I say? Except you’re welcome? I love pizza, pizza loves me. My dad wasn’t going to be home for dinner, my sister and mum were eating something I didn’t like – so pizza it was!

Halfway through the month, the infamous Boekenfestijn took place in Utrecht. This year I hadn’t made any plans on visiting at all, but I did take a peak around on their webshop (which was closed). Eventually, I had picked out only comics, so I decided to look at comic webshops. I ended up buying these five comics for less than €40!

I bought a new coat for the winter, but it had this fur thing on the hood which I didn’t like. I liked the rest of the coat though, so I just took off the fur and gave it to the cats to play with.

I also found Mrs Potts! They had a bunch of Beauty and the Beast things now, even a Lumiére bag! But I really wanted Mrs Potts because I already had Chip from a previous shopping spree!

I went on my first Entei raid and it was an immediate success! After a few hiccups with our group trying to start the raid (some of us hadn’t added themselves to the group on time), we finally got to fight Entei and beat him with ease. Then, of course, the hardest part came – but I caught him with my second or third pokéball!

I am not even going to comment on this, okay? Okay.

When you try something new for cosplay, and it doesn’t work out. The package said I could wash out the textile glue but it ended up looking like this. I had to scrape off every last bit of glue, hoping I wouldn’t ruin the dress. I didn’t, luckily, and now I’m just going to try to sew on the lightning bolt!

Ah, I love Wanda Maximoff so much! I bought the middle figure at Amsterdam Comic Con and decided to add her to my shelves like this. I am still hoping that one day, Funko will make a Pop with her Comic outfit, like the Dorbz on the right but as a Pop!

I was in a bit of a reading slump ever since coming back from Lanzarote, so I decided to make myself a little TBR for the following months. I didn’t add any comics, new releases or rereads (as I am still rereading Harry Potter) but just books I already owned that I still hadn’t read yet. Let’s see how I did at the end of December, shall we?

Recently my fingers started itching to play video games again, so I asked my dad if I could get the WII on my room. He then gave me this massive TV screen that I could also use as a second computer screen. And when I mean massive, it’s massive.

Through Facebook, I found out Kruidvat – a retail chain here in the Netherlands – had Funko’s up for grabs. I decided to go to one of their stores at the earliest opportunity on Monday and managed to get my hands on Han Solo (the one I really wanted). Couldn’t find any of the others I had my eye on, but I’m glad I at least got Han!

SANTA CLAUS IS COMING TO…. Action! I went to the Action as well, another chain, where they already had a bunch of Christmas decoration. But also Halloween and general Autumn decoration. I bought some really cute things!

At Primark, I saw this snowglobe, which has a Pug with a unicorn horn in it!

I bought these pumpkin lights from the action, as well as ghosts and skulls. the ghosts will be used as decoration downstairs, but I kept the other two for myself!

On Wednesday, my mum and I decided to go to Amsterdam to visit the (so far) biggest Primark in the Netherlands. I bought quite a lot of stuff, which I will show in my Wrap-up post. Next to the Primark was this passage through from the Nieuwendijk to Damrak and it. was. PRETTY!

Neither of us had had breakfast before we went to Amsterdam, so for lunch, we decided to get something at McDonald’s. I know it’s not the most healthy lunch, but hey, we walked a lot that day!

I had visited the American Book Center and finally bought a blind date book! Partly because I already knew what book this was going to be (A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness). But it was the beautiful Illustrated edition which they officially sell for €16 and I got for €10!

We also visited the newest H&M store in the Kalverstraat, which was in the most beautiful building ever! Ahhh!

I was a bit sad at the lack of Slytherin merch at the Primark, but when we went up to a higher floor, I suddenly saw this keychain! Normally I’m not the kind to buy these kind of things, but hey it’s Slytherin so it’s mine!

Mum also took me to De Drie Graefjes a tiny café that had these delicious red velvet cakes! We bought two pieces, one for me and one for my sister; and my sister is planning on getting a whole cake for her birthday!

There he is! I was browsing Large a couple of days ago when I saw that they had a K-2SO Funko on sale for €10! They also had a thing going on where shipping was free for 48hrs, so I took my chance and bought the last member of the Rogue One team! Cassian said I had to.

Another of my favourite purchases this month is this Harry Potter Christmas ornament! I saw they had these a while back, but I couldn’t find them at my Primark store. But I saw one at the Primark in Amsterdam and nearly powerwalked through the store to get my hands on it.

And that concludes September! How was your month?