Another two weeks have passed since I posted my last Behind the Scenes post, and even though it’s only two posts down, I decided to make another BTS post, because more stuff had happened recently. So yeah, here we are with BTW post number 37.

The best feeling in the world is when you sit down on the couch, reading one of your favourite books and your cat decides to lie down against you. I had heart-eyes all the way!

I had to watch two cats, belonging to a friend of my mum’s, and this was Bonny – the grumpy cat of the family. My goal was to get her to like me by the end of the week (and I managed just that!)

A cool drinking game is to watch Captain America: Civil War and take a sip every time something/someone annoys you. My bottle was empty halfway through the movie. (Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great movie, but too many things just annoy me so much that I can’t watch it without grinding my teeth every five minutes I guess).

My boys! I missed them while I was cat-sitting, so it was great to come back home on Tuesdays and Fridays so I could see them again, even if it was only for a couple of minutes. I’m such a loser, tbh.

D’you know what’s great about being in a house all by yourself? I can make food in the middle of the night without informing or bothering anyone. Midnight grilled ham&cheese sandwiches!

Yvonne, my mum’s friend, left me a small bottle of Jack Daniel’s, and of course, I had to try it out. I mean it might taste like crap (but we all know it won’t because it’s great).

I heard a lot of horrible things about the American remake of Death Note, and I decided to try it out for myself. While it was an interesting concept, this version was just really crappy. The only thing that was kind of interesting was Ryuk, and that was about it.

One of my friends celebrated her birthday and invited us to her hometown. Here’s a selfie of all of us with ice cream (though I didn’t buy any because money & I’m not a huge fan of ice cream tbh).

There was a whole parade of old cars in the center of Hoorn and I have never been this happy! So many beautiful cars, and then there was this van! I’ve always loved these Volkswagen vans, and it’s my dream to one day own one!

One of Petra’s dogs, this was such a cutie. The other three dogs were all chihuahua’s and all so lovely!

I finally arrived at a part of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. that I hadn’t seen before, and oh my god this scene made me sob so hard. I have never sobbed this hard while watching AoS but goddamnit. View Spoiler »

At some point I decided I wanted to cosplay Kamala Khan, and last week I got together some stuff to finally make this cosplay happen. Unfortunately, my method of getting the lightning bolt on the dress didn’t work out, so I couldn’t wear it for Amsterdam Comic Con, but I will hopefully wear it in the future!

I GOT THIS FUNKO! I thought I would never get it, as it’s a San Diego Comic Con exclusive and I heard from someone that they weren’t planning on making it a shared one, but HERE SHE IS! EMP/Large suddenly announced they were going to sell her, and I immediately ordered one which arrived a couple of days later!

To promote the Wonder Woman movie, Dr. Pepper made some cans with her picture on it, and I saw one while at the Jamin in Rotterdam. Unfortunately, the only variant they had was Cherry, and I don’t really like the taste of that. Maybe I’ll still get it in the future, because I do really like this can, but I’ll probably give the drink to my sister or something.

We were in Rotterdam for the Harry Potter concert, and decided to have dinner there as well. Last time, we barely made it in time, so for this time Tanja took half the day off and we spent some time shopping in Rotterdam. Then we found this little Italian restaurant where I (obviously) ordered pizza.

The concert was amazing, and I can’t wait for Prisoner of Azkaban which is my favourite movie out of the eight.

While in Rotterdam, we visited the bookstore there (Donner) and I hadn’t planned on buying anything, until I saw this hardcover edition of Ruin and Rising for €9! So obviously I had to buy it. Won’t be buying the new paperback editions then, but will be buying the first two books in HC as well.

Then Amsterdam Comic Con started, and I had managed to save some money that I could spend there. And I did spend my money like it was nothing (ok just kidding). One of the things I bought was the soundtrack for The Book of Life, as it is one of my favourite movies and it was only €5. I then got a message from a friend (who was also at ACC) saying ‘you need to buy this’, which made me happy because apparently people think of me when they see TBoL things awww!

When I came home that Saturday, this amazing book was waiting for me! I got the Waterstones exclusive edition because it is SO PRETTY.

My main reason for buying it was that it would be signed by Leigh, and even though I already have her autograph (twice, and personalised) I really wanted this edition! I can’t wait to get started in this book, though I know I will love it.

There were loads of amazing cosplayers, but this Tony Stark cosplayer is honestly AMAZING. He just looks so much like Tony and LOOK AT THAT KITTEN TSHIRT. 10/10. You can find him on Instagram as YouKno_WhoIAm.

On Sunday I met my actual twin! We were the only two Quicksilver cosplayers, though there were at least three Scarlet Witch cosplayer (who were all amazing). I literally ran across the room to get a picture with this girl because TWINS.

THIS IS SO CUTE! I wanted to buy it but honestly I don’t know what I’d do with it. Most things I bought were actually things I really wanted and this was more of an ‘it’s cute’ thing. Idk.

MY SISTER! We had just arrived at the con, and I wasn’t even wearing my wig yet, when I bumped into her and I promised I would find her later on – and I did! Then I kept on bumping into her throughout the day, which was funny because every time we’d be like ‘HI!!!!’

And then I had three sisters!!! We had a Marvel vs. DC shoot at the end of the day, and these three Wanda’s were there! I’m still planning on cosplaying the Civil War outfit as well, so I had to ask where she got her coat from. Hopefully I’ll be able to find a good version as well, so I can finally do this damn cosplay!

My full Comic con haul! I really wanted to get Baze and Chirrut as Funko’s, because I couldn’d find them anywhere online anymore. Luckily my favourite shop, Popshop, had Chirrut (and X-23) and the next day I found Baze at another shop. I also was looking for the Cassian & K-2SO comic, which I found a variant cover of (at least I think this isn’t the ‘normal’ cover). And I got the three Young Avengers comics for the price of one (almost). I love Comic Con!

And that concludes this Behind the Scenes post! Next time I’ll try to post some more stuff in between these posts, but well you know what kind of person I am so I can’t guarantee anything!

How was your week?