Alright, I have been very absent these past two months, but I’m trying my best to get back onto the blogging train. Starting with a wrap-up post, for both July and August! And it’s going to be a lot because I acquired a lot of things in these months. So without further ado, let’s get started.

Books bought, received

I’m going to start off with the books I got when I was on Lanzarote. I found this little English bookstore that had a lot of second-hand books and I bought most of these books there. I also got myself a Spanish copy of a Harry Potter book, something I’ve been wanting to do for a while!

And onto books I got elsewhere, most of these books were still cheap and mostly second-hand. Also included are two DVDs. I’m a bit sad I got this cover for Fire Study, as the page on Bookdepository said it would be the black cover, but I got this instead. Oh well, at least I’ve got the book now!

Other things I bought

The next thing I bought a lot of is clothing. I went on a vacation and desperately needed some shorts, so I ordered stuff from H&M and went shopping with my mum. From left to right, top to bottom, here’s what I bought:

Pic 1 (t-shirts)

  • Tanktops (I have another one but it’s in the washing machine)
  • A green jumper
  • Two striped t-shirts, one with a Hawaii-themed print on it
  • Two Harry Potter shirts (one belongs to a pair of pyjama pants)
  • A Justice League shirt
  • A Yoda shirt

Pic 2 (cosplay items)

  • Blue dress (Kamala Khan)
  • Red scarf, top and leggings (Kamala Khan)
  • Pink chemise (Queenie Goldstein)
  • Purple baseball hoodie (Kate Bishop)

Pic 3 (trousers)

  • Black jeans (from the men’s department, aka POCKETS)
  • 4 pairs of shorts (3 denim, 1 striped)
  • Harry Potter pyjama pants
  • Pink Floyd pyjama shorts
  • Elephant shorts
  • Pusheen sweatpants

Pic 4 (dresses)

  • White flowery dress
  • Black flowery dress
  • (I am so predictable)

Here are two more pictures with stuff I bought (or made), and it’s a lot so I’m not going to individually mention everything. I would like to mention that I made the claws (top of the first picture) and the mask (bottom left of the first picture) all myself (ok with a little help from my dad). Also definitely go check out the shop I got this candle from because it’s amazing! It’s called Letters and Lights, and she’s now also selling soap!

And last but certainly not least, my second favourite thing to buy – Funko Pops! I got a bunch of exclusive Funkos over the past two months that I would gladly talk about! First, we have the SDCC exclusive Clara Oswald Funko, that I got from EMP. Next to it is the Funko I would have gladly sold my soul for – SDCC exclusive Luna Lovegood with Spectrespecs! This outfit has been my favourite Luna outfit since forever, so I’m glad they made it into a Funko. Then, I have a Frodo Baggins Chase Funko – there was a change of 1/10 that I would get this one, and well – I got it!

On the bottom row, we have EMP exclusive Rory Williams, from Doctor Who – I love him and I’m happy they made his centurion outfit. Then we have Samwise Gamgee, who according to the box is glow in the dark (I believe the bottle of light is GITD but it doesn’t work?). And last in the row is my precious Bodhi Rook! Another SDCC exclusive, I got this one from EMP as well. In fact, all Funkos in this haul are from EMP. THANK YOU!

Read, watched this month



Next month

In September I really want to try to pick up blogging again, at least try to write reviews. I have been really missing writing stuff, but I just don’t know how to start it back up again. I’ve been thinking about re-inventing the blog, adding some things (DIY, recipes, etc) and just teach myself to write shorter reviews. We’ll see what September brings, I guess…

Want to read: Harry Potter (4-7), Because You Love to Hate Me, The Silkworm, Room, WW: Warbringer
Want to see: 
Wall-E, The Dark Tower, Wind River, Mother!, Gifted, Kingsman: The Golden Circle, Flatliners

See you in September!