Yes, I’m still alive. I have not been feeling like blogging at all since I came back from Lanzarote, but I am slowly picking it up again. Trying to write better/shorter reviews so I can blog more in the future and just thinking about new things I could post on my blog. Anyway, today I’m going to share some pictures from the past three-or-so weeks.

I got these Funkos from EMP/Large, and there was a 1/10 chance of getting a Frodo Chase. Guess what I got. (I do still secretly want the normal version as well).

Tanja invited me over for dinner, and we made pancakes. Or, really, Alissya and I watched her make pancakes and ate all of them as she made more. This was a bit of a failure, though it was still edible.

Cats who follow you when you’re delivering mail are the best kind of cats in the world.

My first time ever throwing darts, and I threw one right in the bullseye. After like 100 attempts. I am getting closer to becoming Kate Bishop, wooh!

When the dog is staying over, and the cat thinks it’s a good idea to take over the dog’s bed.

When you go outside to catch Pokémon, and you don’t put on a jacket because the weather is nice. And then it starts to rain really hard when you’re trying to catch a Lugia. And you don’t catch the Lugia.

My sister and I had agreed to eat pizza one day, but she forgot I wanted pizza too when she ordered. So I had to order separately. sadface But I still had pizza, so that was good!

I have always wanted to have a bag with cool pins and patches, but for some reason, I can’t sew on these patches and can’t iron them on either. Double-sided tape was my saviour!

We arrived at our hotel in Playa Blanca somewhere in the evening, and luckily for us, the restaurant was still open. This was the view from our room. This pool was generally really quiet all throughout our vacation because there’s another, bigger pool on the other side of the hotel!

I always love breakfast buffets, and this one was another winner. I could have gone for a full English breakfast if I’d wanted, but I kept it to eggs, bacon, pancakes, toast and a hashbrown (or churro).

Our hotel was located directly on the coast, so we had a little boulevard going from one part of town to the other. Both had shops on each side, though one side (with a shopping mall even) was rather disappointing. Still, the view is amazing!

On our second day, we found out they had parrots at the hotel. There was a sign on the fence saying they were incubating and to not bother them, but they seemed really OK with me taking a couple of pictures!

I love that they’re selling these pre-mixed cans at super markets because it really saves me from having to buy a bottle of whiskey and a bottle of coke. I mean we have four bottles of Jack Daniels at home already, so yeah, perfect solution is perfect.

I found them. The forty camels! (Ok, this has a bit of a funny story. And I am aware that they’re not even actual camels). A year or two ago, some Arabic guy booked about forty rooms at the Maritim, during HobbitCon, which caused a couple of our friends (me and a roommate included) to lose our rooms to random HobbitCon people. We were joking among our friends that the Arabic guy probably needed the rooms for his forty camels. So yeah, I saw an opportunity and I took it.

We actually wanted to go to Timanfaya, the national park, but there was a really long waiting line. So we skipped that, and went to Lago Verde, the green lake, instead. It was quite a climb, but the view was amazing!

We decided to go for lunch at a restaurant, and basically, this is what I ate a lot. Chicken breast and chips. Yeah, the life of a picky eater. (Most other things on the menu had one or two things I didn’t like, so yeah better safe than having to dissect my food, tbh). It was the nicest chicken breast I had this whole vacation though.

Mexican themed night at the buffet restaurant meant NACHOS. They had an actual cheese-fountain which I wanted to take home with me because look at that. So beautiful.

Lazy day by the pool, I started and finished Rebel Rising in Lanzarote and I loved it. Might write a short review about it soon, but y’all know how I am with reviews lately. Still, it’s a recommendation for every Star Wars/Rogue One/Jyn Erso fan.

Similar to that one bridge in Paris, there was a part of the boulevard where people had put locks on the chains and tossed the key into the sea.

Another day, we went to visit La Cueva de Los Verdes, the green caves, which was a bit of a climb. We hadn’t anticipated that, so we’d brought my mum and gran, neither of them really capable of going through a cave like that. Still, they did it and it was a great experience!

Then we went to the most northern point of the island and had a great view of, what I believe was La Graciosa (which is what Google Maps said, don’t quote me on it).

This car was parked close to the hotel and I. Am. In. LOVE. Ahh, I love these old cars so much!

Yes, I like Piña Coladas. But not so much getting caught in the rain. This was my second cocktail on the island, but I have to admit not the best. The one I had the day before was a bit stronger (I guess they put more rum in it) but this one I could almost drink as if it was lemonade.

When you order a beer, the waitress asks ‘large’ and you’re like ‘yah’. Yeah, big beer.

From where we were located, you could see the other island, Fuerteventura really easily. Some days it was a bit too cloudy at sea, but this day it was perfectly clear. At night we could see the lights from another city over there.

As we were walking back over the boulevard, I noticed a lot of people stopping at this little wooden parrot house. Turns out this little guy was sitting there, enjoying the sun and the attention. SO CUTE!

I once saw a video of someone who wanted to collect the first Harry Potter book in multiple editions, both English and other language editions. I kind of liked that idea, but I couldn’t find Philosopher’s Stone in Spanish. I did find Chamber of Secrets, so I decided I am going to buy each book in the series in another language.

Honestly, the Italian themed buffet night was slightly disappointing. The pizza was gross (with onions), the pasta was cold, I had to throw away half of my chicken breast and half of the dishes had mushrooms in it. The desserts, however, were amazing!

Another Piña Colada, yes. I have no idea why there’s a piece of melon (?) in it, though. Where’s my pineapple?!

On our last day, we went shopping in Puerto del Carmen. It was nice, but the shops weren’t really my kind of thing (mostly clothing, which I already have too much of). I bought some shower foam and hand creme, but that’s about it.

We did have lunch in Puerto del Carmen, and yes I did have another piece of chicken breast. I was really in the mood for pizza, so I was hoping to stop somewhere I could eat pizza, but alas another disappointment because they didn’t have pizza on the menu, while they did have pasta.

HOME. Back with my kittens who have grown a bit since we left. They are now also very much used to having a dog around, luckily!

Yes. I had my damn pizza. The fridge was a bit empty when we got home because my dad mostly ate big lunches at work and then came home to eat something simple for dinner. We did go grocery shopping on Wednesday, but I was in such a pizza mood that we all just ended up eating pizza for dinner that night.

I finally started to make a mock-up of the X-23 claws, which was good because I realised cardboard is way too weak for these claws.

Because my mum’s birthday and my sister’s boyfriend’s birthday are so close to each other, we decided to go out for sushi again with the whole family.

My dad and I started making the X-23 claws out of wood. It wasn’t the best wood, so they’re a bit f-ed up, but I like the result and actually got some compliments at Castlefest. Will probably remake them out of sturdier wood in the future, though.

Pokémon Go decided to release some very rare Pokémon in Amstelveen, so Tanja and I went there by car for a couple of hours so we could get Kangaskhan and Unown.

There was a Starbucks at the shopping mall, so obviously I got a hot chocolate (I know, it was a warm day, why the hell am I getting a hot beverage? Because I love hot chocolate, that’s why).

Then it was time for Castlefest. We hadn’t actually planned on going, but when Tanja said she wanted to go, I was like ‘ok I kind of want to go too’. Naturally, I had the best pizza for dinner. Oh god, I love this pizza so so much!

I decided to wear my Laura Kinney cosplay to Castlefest but ended up being half a pirate at the end of the day. Felix got a free beer but couldn’t drink it because he was driving, so I got a free beer! Yay!

The only non-food thing I bought at Castlefest was this Slytherin candle. I’d been eyeing the candle from Letters and Lights for a while now, but didn’t want to buy it online because I had no idea what it really smelt like. When I saw this at a stand on Castlefest I was really happy!

Sleepy kitty! I love them so much, little rascals!

Ahhhh! I ordered these SDCC exclusive Funkos from Large/EMP and they arrived way sooner than I’d thought! I was a little sad when they announced Bodhi was an exclusive, because I love Bodhi and I’d been wanting a Funko of him ever since the movie came out. And Clara I just added because I love her as well and this outfit is just really cute!

Ahhhhhh Churros! I had been missing these, since coming back from Lanzarote. We have a bag in the freezer, but we don’t have a fryer anymore so we can’t make them.

Another last-minute spontaneous thing, I went to a festival that had all kinds of nostalgia things. A ball pit, lots of other games we used to play when we were young and performances from artists that were really cool in the 90s or 00s.

Including Jody Bernal, a Dutch singer who was mostly known for like one song. Recently, he came out with another song, but other than that none of his songs got picked up. He did only sing those two songs, and the rest of his time he did some DJ-ing. Oh well, at least I’ve seen him live once.

I love little Bodhi so much! I now have half of the Rogue One team in my possession, I still need K-2SO, Chirrut and Baze though I can’t find the last two anywhere. *sighs*

My gran got this pink night gown from a shop on Lanzarote, but it was too small for her. She gave it to me because I said it was perfect for my Queenie cosplay, and it was! I now only need to curl this wig, and then my cosplay is 100% done. Probably going to wear it for Dutch Comic Con in November, as it is really warm (three layers, pff).

And that concludes the past three weeks!