Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes #35

Remember when I said I was going to pick up blogging again? Well, I failed, but at least I remembered to put up a Behind the Scenes post. This time I’m sharing the first two weeks of July, which honestly have been rather uneventful. But still, I managed to put together a bunch of pictures to show to you this time!

L: I put together a rainbow TBR this month, even though I am pretty sure I won’t be reading all these books. So far, I’ve only started The Diabolic and the month is already halfway done. Oh well, one day I will read every book on my TBR. One day. R: When going to Bonn for RingCon a couple of years ago, we realised the shops would finally be open as it wasn’t a(n international) holiday. We found this little English shop where I bought this mug because I love Wales and I love mugs. As it’s not allowed in the dishwasher, I decided to put my pencils and markers in it.

L: It was finally time to see Spider-Man: Homecoming, and I have to say I loved it. I loved it more than the Amazing Spider-Man, even though I really loved those movies. But this movie was just incredible, especially because they were finally allowed to add more Marvel characters than just the ones directly associated with Spidey. YEAH IRON MAN! R: EMP (or Large, for us Dutchies) announced they had an exclusive Funko Pop up for grabs. It was Rory Williams, from Doctor Who, dressed as a Roman soldier. And since I love Doctor Who, and Rory and Funkos, I had to order it. Of course.

L: Ah, yeah I leave the house for once and it rains, of course, why not. Then again, I saw this amazing rainbow and my life was a little bit better. R: The reason I left the house, was because I went out for sushi with my dad and sister. I was really full this time, but I managed to eat almost everything I ordered, yay!

L: Ever since Rogue One came out, I had been looking for a RO mug, specifically one with Cassian on it. I looked on Large, I looked on basically every site I know that sells fandom merch, I looked at stands on conventions but nothing. And then I checked, a website where I normally only buy books and DVDs. And there it was. My Cassian mug. R: Naturally, when a cat sees a box, he has to lie in it. Look at this cutie. Ahhh.

L: That moment when you’re still awake at 5 am and you decide to go downstairs to pet your cats. And they look just as tired as you feel. Yeah. R: I kind of want to go back to the Harry Potter studios and get another mug of butterbeer because I really liked it.

L: Because I had a shitty night, I decided I had earned this pizza. It arrived sooner than I had expected though, so I ended up eating earlier than my parents, even though we had planned it out. Oh well, it was really hot and really nice so no complaints. R: Tanja and I went to see Baby Driver, which was a really cool movie. Pathé also had this thing going on, where you could buy two bags of M&Ms and get a Spider-Man water bottle. I am not a huge chocolate eater, so I thought it would be a waste to buy two bags, but Tanja wanted a bag so we decided to share and I could get the bottle this time (as she already had one).

L: My dad bought these little harness thingies for the cats so they could go outside and roam the garden. They love it outside and are now complaining every time we bring them back inside. R: Don’t you sometimes look at your bookshelves and think ‘maybe I have enough Funko Pops’ because I have no idea what that feels like (I have literally just ordered two new ones).

L: Pokémon Go has a new feature, where you can enter Raids to fight and catch Pokémon with high CP. Tanja and I entered one where we could catch a very high Arcenine but thought we defeated it, we both didn’t manage to catch it. Still, it was fun! R: Aaaaaaaand I had pizza again, twice in one week, oops. But this time, my sister and I tried out the newly opened Papa John’s, and honestly, it was very tasty. I’ll still be an NYP girl through and through, but this is a good second option!

L: Aside from wanting to go outside, the kittens now also see a thrill in escaping upstairs. Nori loves running on my bed and honestly, he purrs every time I put him on there, so so so cute! R: We’re going on vacation in about a week, and I still needed some shorts. So my mum and I went shopping, and I ended up buying a bunch of things, including a new set of Harry Potter pyjamas, a holographic-like bag and a pair of purple shoes (for cosplay purposes!)

And that concludes the first two weeks of July. Like I said, nothing special happened, but the next BTS post will probably be full of Lanzarote pictures!

See you next time!