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A couple of days ago, I found this Book Shelf Scavenger Hunt on Vivian’s Blog and decided to take it over from her. I love going through my bookshelf and finding books that fit a certain description, and I certainly enjoyed doing this scavenger hunt! I don’t know who originally created this tag, though, but if you do, please let me know!

Find an author’s name or title with the letter Z in it

For this one, I decided to go for the title, as I couldn’t think of an author whose name started with a Z that I owned a book of (technically, Markus Zusak would have counted, but I wanted one with a first name). The only book I found was Zie Me, Hoor Me by Martine Glaser.

Find a classic

I don’t own a lot of classics because it’s not my favourite genre. A classic that I do own and love is The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien, which came out in 1935 and is technically a classic. I love this book, I loved the movies, and I met so many great people all thanks to this book. (Also this edition is signed, by some actors and people who worked on the movies).

Find a book with a key on it

Apparently, people found this one very difficult, and I had to agree with them. I thought I had a certain book that I knew had a key on it, but when I found it – it just had ‘key’ in the title, and not on the cover. I didn’t want that to count, so I continued looking. Then, I remembered The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown. The edition I have has a key on the cover, yay!

Find something on your bookshelf that’s not a book

Ha, well for me – an avid Funko collector – this is not so difficult. I have over 50 Funkos on my bookshelves, and I decided to photograph my latest addition, Rory Williams from Doctor Who in his Roman outfit.

Find the oldest book on your shelf

I am not 100% sure, but I think this Dutch edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone is one of the oldest books on my shelf. I got this back in 2001, and I never parted with it.

Find a book with a girl on the cover

Well, this one is probably the easiest one in the bunch, as I have a lot of books with girls on the cover. I picked Slated by Teri Terry because it was honestly one of my favourite dystopian series I read last year and I highly recommend it to everyone. One of the few dystopian novels I’ve heard of that doesn’t take place in America!

Find a book that has an animal in it

I actually thought this said ‘on it’, as in on the cover, but this book of course also has the cover animal in the book. I am talking about Fenrir, the wolf from the Norse Mythology who strangely enough is the son of Loki. The book pictured is, of course, the first Magnus Chase book, The Sword of Summer by Rick Riordan.

Find a book with a male protagonist

To stay in the Rick Riordan universe, I picked Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters for this question. I got this edition from a book swap at RingCon in Bonn, and I kind of was a bit disappointed because at the time I arrived at the stall, most of the good books had gone. I picked this because I loved the series and I didn’t own any physical copies of the books.

Find a book with only words on it

Okay, technically The Two Towers (and the rest of the Middle Earth books in this edition) are not words-only covers, but the illustrations are mostly done in a different shade of black so if you look quickly it will look as if there are only words. And circles. Shh. It’s the closest thing I could find!

Find a book with illustrations in it

Again, misread the question and picked a book with an illustrated cover. This is my favourite cover, though, as it was designed by Kevin Wada who makes the most amazing Marvel art as well. I have no idea if this book has illustrations on the inside because I still have not read Carry On. I know. I’m bad.

Find a book with gold lettering

Oh, ah I love this book so much! Because I also love the movie so much! My best friend convinced me to buy a copy of the Fantastic Beasts script at the Cursed Child release party we went to, and I had no regrets, after reading it. Also, the naked book has a gold Niffler on the front. AHHH!

Find a diary (true or fictional)

My first thought immediately went to this book, Het Achterhuis by Anne Frank. A book that kind of broke my heart when I read it. Because I realised that these people were alive once, they really existed. I was reading the true diary of a girl who had lived and died during the Second World War. I also went to Het Achterhuis in Amsterdam which was also a weird experience for me.

Find a book written by someone with a common name (like Smith)

… Green is a common name, right? I mean there’s John Green, Jane Green, Sally Green… Three rather well-known authors I believe who all share the same last name. And no I deliberately didn’t pick a John Green book because of reasons. I still need to read Half Bad, shame on me.

Find a book that has a closeup of something on it

This cover of The Circle has intrigued me ever since I first came across it. I bought a second-hand copy from AwesomeBooks, and I did actually make a start in it, but I couldn’t get through it. Some of my Norwegian friends have been loving this series though, so I really want to try again, soon!

Find a book on your shelf that takes place in the earliest time period

Come to think of, I don’t even remember if Runemarks and its sequel Runelight truly took place in our world. I mean sure, it takes place in ‘Midgard’, but I’m not sure if the author meant that as our Earth or just a fantasy-world Midgard. Oh well, it is one of the few historical books I own and enjoyed.

Find a hardcover book without a jacket

On one side, I like jacketless hardcovers, on the other side, I prefer the ones with a jacket. Most Dutch books that get released in Hardcover get this jacketless treatment though, and I think it kind of fits. Again, Unplugged by Donna Freitas is a book I still need to read, and quickly because the sequel is already out and people are loving it!

Find a teal/turquoise coloured book

Honestly, I have no idea if this is really teal or turquoise, but I just love the colours on this cover. I loved Rebel of the Sands very much, and its sequel was even better, and oh god this cover is so incredibly pretty!

Find a book with stars on it

Ok, yes Stardust technically only has one star pictured on the cover, but hey it’s called Stardust, so that counts for two, right? Right?! I really enjoyed this adult fairytale, but I have to admit I loved the movie more than the book. Shocker, I know.

Find a non-YA book

Again, I kind of had the answer ready before I even knew the question. I loved Carrie Fisher as a person and as Leia Organa, and I miss her terribly. I really enjoyed Wishful Drinking, and I am definitely picking up more of her books in the future, both fiction and non-fiction like this one. Her writing is incredibly funny and the covers are awesome too!

And that concludes my scavenger hunt! I really enjoyed doing this, so if you have any scavenger hunts that are different than this one, please let me know because I want to do them all! Also, let me know if you’ve done this tag, and leave a link to the post, so I can check it out!

How many books do you own that have keys on it?