This Behind the Scenes post will be full of a month’s worth of pictures, though it’s still not a lot. I didn’t do a lot of things this month, because of things. But yeah, I still have 26 pictures to show you. And from this month I will try to keep it up biweekly!

L: The weather was warming up, so the Sphynx cats came outside again! They are so cute, and this one literally walks with me until I get back on my bike or in the car. R: A new restaurant opened next to our cinema, so naturally we had to try it out. Their menu is simple, but it was very tasty and definitely worth going to again.

L: Such a cutie! He still fit in my hand at this point. Now, I can’t do that anymore, as he’s grown a lot. R: When you have food, and the kittens notice. Can’t even eat in peace anymore, jeez.

L: June was Pride month, and seeing as Asexuality officially belongs to the LGBT group, I decided to put together a book pile of books with Ace-coloured spines. I don’t own any books with asexual characters though, unfortunately. (Though someone has brought to my mind that Artemis’ hunters in Rick Riordan’s books are pretty much ace). R: I received the new wig I’d ordered for Quicksilver. Seeing as I am 100% doing a female version, I decided I was going to buy a longer wig so I could do a hairdo with a braid. I miss the ability to do that with my own hair.

L: My Harry Potter Slytherin editions arrived, and they are so pretty! Look at them! Ahhhh! R: Pizza. Because why the hell not. I don’t even remember why I had pizza, but I just had pizza.

L: My baby Nori! He’s grown SO MUCH, damn, he’s the fattest of the bunch. <3 R: We went to that restaurant again before seeing Wonder Woman. Such good food, ahh. If you’re ever in the Netherlands and you find a restaurant called ‘De Beren’, go there.

L: I got a package in the mail from BlossomBooks, a Dutch publisher, but I didn’t remember ordering or winning anything. Turned out this Winter promo material was inside, and I am really happy! I was a bit sad I would be missing out on the amazing TLC bookmarks that they put in their Dutch books because I don’t read Dutch, but now I still have one! R: And another package arrived with a DVD that I’d won! I loved this movie when I saw it back in February, and I happily participated in the contest. When I got the email I had won I was really happy, because honestly, this movie is so much better than any other Batman movie I’ve ever seen!

L: Tanja and I went to a Mexican themed party, and there were name tags. Naturally, I was Diego and Tanja was Gael. As these two actors are best friends, and so are we. R: Someone came in with this hat, that they actually got from America, and obviously I had to steal it to send a picture to a friend of mine, who is possibly the biggest Donald Trump hater I know. (I do too, don’t worry, I just have a weird sense of humour).

L: I hate Chirrut Imwe so much. But I also love him so much. R: Obviously I had pizza again. I needed it though because I was at Tanja’s house to rewatch the first two Insidious movies and watch the third one for the first time.

L: There was a dog. The kittens were not amused. They spent the entire day in the top basket, and Nori and Maki found their hiding spots under the couch and chairs. Poor babies. R: I had to babysit said puppy a couple of days later because my sister and her boyfriend were going away for a weekend, and my younger sister was ill so she couldn’t do it.

L: Apparently, this was comfortable. R: And then it was officially twenty years ago that Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone was released. At the time, I was five years old. I didn’t read the book until three or four years later or so when the first movie came out.

L: Cuddling with daddy one last time. It was time for the four kittens to leave for their new homes, and though I know they will be taken care of well, I do miss them a bit. Disney also misses them, though she hasn’t seen them leave (we’ve made sure of that). R: Apparently, Lili thought my drink was very interesting. So the obvious thing to do is to lick the glass.

And that concludes June!