Ok, even though I haven’t really posted in the past couple of weeks, I did want to make a wrap-up post, partly so I can maybe just make a fresh start in July. I’ve been thinking about revamping my blog in the future, adding some new features and hopefully post a lot more in the upcoming months, but for now, I’m just going to do lots of things behind the scenes (literally). Anyway, for now, we’re going to wrap up June!

Books, funkos and other things I bought

  • Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (20th Anniversary Slytherin Edition) by J.K. Rowling – I am so happy I decided to order the paperback as well as the hardcover because they are both totally gorgeous. I know there’s absolutely no difference in the content, but I really just wanted them both.
  • Rebel Rising by Beth Revis – Since I sold my soul to this movie back in December, I’ve been wanting to read more about these characters. One of my favourite sci-fi authors wrote a book about Jyn Erso, and while I have yet to read it, I am so excited!
  • Windwitch by Susan Dennard – I still had two book vouchers to spend, and I went to the bookstore in Haarlem where I bought this book. I’ve been meaning to pick it up since it came out, but I just didn’t… I don’t really remember much from the previous book, to be honest, but I think there’s a recap somewhere online.
  • A Torch Against the Night by Sabaa Tahir – Same as the book above, bought it with a book voucher because it’s a book I’ve been meaning to buy for ages. I read the first one in Dutch though, so I have no idea whether names will be different. Might reread the previous book in English before diving into this one!
  • Guardians of the Whills by Greg Rucka – More Rogue One novels! This one features Baze and Chirrut, and oh god this book gave me so many feelings. There were amazing drawings in between as well, and gods I love Rogue One so much.
  • Hawkeye, vol. 1 by Kelly Thompson – Naturally, when I found out Kate Bishop was getting her own comic book, I had to buy it. I want to cosplay her, but I wanted to read more comics featuring her first, and now I can with this comic, yay!
  • Ms. Marvel, vol. 5 by G. Willow Wilson – The last volume kind of broke my heart, so I immediately had to buy this one… Except I didn’t… But now I have it and now I can continue this series! Though I think I have to read something between vol. 4 and vol. 5 to fully understand why the things that happened in the previous volume technically don’t count anymore, or something? Comics, they’re so confusing!

  • Grey Wig – I forgot I already added this to the warp-up of last month, so here it is again! This time I’ve braided it, though it doesn’t look great and I’ll probably redo it soon.
  • Tony Stark & Peter Parker Funko Pops – When Funko announced these, I may have shed a tear. Finally a Tony Stark funko! And naturally, I had to get Peter as well because they are like father and son and I need them.
  • Bellamy Blake Funko Pop – I’ve been meaning to buy at least Bellamy and Clarke when they got released, but I never really did it. When I was at the Popshop to pick up Will, I decided to bring this one with me as well.
  • Will Turner Funko Pop – After seeing the new Pirates movie, I had to buy Will. He’s been my crush since I was a little eleven-year-old girl, so yeah obviously I need a Funko of him on my shelf.
  • Green backpack – I partly wanted to buy a (new) backpack because of cosplay reasons, but also because I didn’t want to bring tote bags with me everywhere I went. This backpack is handy for holidays, conventions and book-related events!
  • The Lego Batman Movie DVD – I participated in a giveaway and got an email a while back saying I won a copy of this movie. It was my favourite DC movie so far, so yeah I was very happy!
  • Rogue One DVD – Behold, the movie that has my soul. I bought this because I had a Bol.com voucher and an extra discount, so I only paid 9 euros for this DVD that normally costs 20!
  • iPhone 7+ (and a new case) – Yeah, I kind of feel like a spoiled brat, but I got a new iPhone.
  • Tequila (sun)glasses – We had a Mexican themed party (literally just an excuse to drink tequila and eat nachos) and we went shopping that afternoon and I saw these glasses. Naturally, I bought them. Probably not going to wear them anymore apart from that one time, but they were totally worth it.
  • Chip wallet – THEY HAD THIS AT PRIMARK. I CRIED. IT’S SO CUTE. I’m probably not even going to use it as a wallet, but it looks really cute on my bookshelf.
  • Winter poster and flyer (+ Levana bookmark) – I got this surprise package in the mail from Blossom Books. I had completely forgotten I put myself on this Lunar Chronicles mailing list, but I am very happy now because the bookmark is amazing!
  • More bookmarks – I went to buy a book at my local bookstore and the owner basically showered me in bookmarks. I don’t mind, bookmarks are amazing!

  • Guardians of the Galaxy t-shirt – Tanja had bought this shirt a while back and I secretly wanted it too, not really because it’s a GOTG shirt but because SPACE.
  • Slytherin shirt – One can never have enough Slytherin merch.
  • Iron Man jumper + Captain America shirt – My sister was getting rid of some clothes, and my younger sister saved these two items especially for me. The jumper had a hole in it, but I simply sewed it back up and now it looks almost new!
  • Flannel shirt – Because one can never have enough flannel shirts. Most of the ones I owned I had to throw away because they were too small (I literally ripped one because I stretched).
  • Dobby socks – I managed not to sob when I saw these socks, because DOBBY. SOCKS.
  • Pug t-shirt – I was at the Bershka, a store I normally don’t go into, and I saw this t-shirt. Naturally, I had to buy it.
  • Black jeans – I had a pair already, but they were close to ripping, so I went and bought a new pair – in the sale cuz that’s how us Dutch people do things.
Read, watched, started



Did I read, watch what I wanted to?

Well, as you may know, June was a pretty weird month. Hardly any blogs, hardly any reviews, hardly anything. But did I manage to read and or watch the things I put on my TBR/W list last month?

Want to read: Rebel Rising, Guardians of the Whills, Caraval, Hex
Want to see: 
The Mummy, Wonder Woman, Pirates of the Caribbean 5

Would you look at that, with the exception of Rebel Rising, I read ánd watched the things I put on my list last month. That is partly because I didn’t put a lot on my list, and partly because I decided not to write reviews this month. It was just a bit too time-consuming in my opinion, and I’m trying to think of a way to still be able to post my opinion on things, but don’t have to take so much time to write a full review.


Next month is July, and I’ll be going to Lanzarote at the end of this month, which is why July’s wrap up will either be really early or won’t appear until August. I’m very much looking forward to going on vacation! Because of that, I will also not make a huge TBR list. I have made a rainbow TBR this time, but I am probably not going to read all of those books.

Want to read: The Diabolic, A Torch Against the Night, The Kill Order, Windwitch, The Young Elites, All the Feels, Letters to the Lost, Hawkeye vol. 1
Want to see: Spider-Man: Homecoming, Dunkirk, Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, Power Rangers

See you next month!