Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes #33

Aaaaaaaand we’re at the end of another month! May was a nice month, where I turned 25 and had some friends over. I had a lot of pizza and Pokémon Go had an amazing event going on! Let’s take a look at the second half of May!

L: The dress I ordered for Queenie arrived, and it’s perfect! I just need the dress she wears underneath and then my cosplay is 100% complete. (Ok I need to curl this wig but I need my sister’s help for that). R: I got a present from my mum and sister for my birthday. My mum wrapped it in this Avengers paper which I thought was really cool. I had no idea we even had this!

L: They got me a Polaroid camera! I’ve always wanted one, and when my mum suggested it, I immediately said yes. Originally, I had asked for a backpack partly because I needed one and because that would complete my x-23 cosplay, but she couldn’t find a good one and suggested this instead. R: My dad’s present was a visit to a sushi restaurant, this time we went to Shabu Shabu where you can order everything from the tablet, which is so much nicer, especially for people like me (w/ anxiety).

L: Look at these two models! They were lying next to each other looking fabulous! R: Pokémon Go started a Rock-type event and the first Pokémon that appeared near my house was Aerodactyl, the one everyone wanted. I had to try and catch it for three other people as well, and Tanja hasn’t cycled this hard in her life. Anyway, now all my friends have one, and I am happy too!

L: I also walked enough kilometres with my Ivysaur so I could evolve him into Venusaur! R: For my birthday, I invited some of my closest friends over. I met all these girls thanks to The Hobbit (ok, apart from Tanja, and Marloes though I met her ‘thanks to’ Daniel Radcliffe) and I am super grateful for that.

L: We went out for pizza at Novecento, which was the most delicious pizza I’ve had this month, to be honest. R: Tanja had already gotten me a birthday present back in December or something, but a couple of days before I celebrated my birthday we were looking at Funkos and she specifically told me not to buy a Logan funko. LOOK AT HIM SO CUTE!

L: The kittens were allowed to go out of their box for the first time, and they haven’t gone back in that box ever since. They love running around and discovering new places to hide under. They especially love sitting in front of the tall window, enjoying the sun. R: Little ‘Helga’ found a new hiding spot and loves biting fingers!

L: My sister and her boyfriend went on a holiday to Valencia for a week, and I went to watch their dog. I stayed at their house, which was easier than taking her to ours and her being terrorised by six tiny kittens. R: I was so tired that first day, that I decided to just order pizza.

L: One nice thing about having to walk a dog is looking at the sky and seeing this. I only enhanced the colours a little bit to show how pretty it was IRL, but other than that there’s no filter on it. R: Thursday was Ascension day, and Tanja, Petra and I decided to go to Kijkduin because it was also the last day of the Pokémon Go Rock event.

L: It was really warm, so at one point we went to this little Mexican restaurant where we ordered cocktails. I had a Piña Colada, which is now one of my favourite cocktails, to be honest. R: It was a very sunny day, but there was also a little wind coming from the sea, which often made it a little cold. This also got me a sunburn on my shoulders and chest. Oops.

L: I had a pack of burrito mix at home, and I invited Petra and Tanja to come and eat those with me, as I couldn’t eat six burritos on my own. We had a little dinner party and it was really nice! R: Saturday was a very warm day, and I spent it mostly inside, but before noon it was kind of pleasant to sit in the sun, so I did just that with the pup and a book.

L: I spent the last day at my sister’s place eating pizza, kind of to close off the week I guess. R: Look at my tiny ginger baby lying in his basket with a little bear! It’s so cute!

See you next month!