Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes #32

We’re halfway through May, and that, of course, means a couple of things. I’m turning twenty-five in three days, it’s almost June, and of course, it’s time for another Behind the Scenes post!

L: Disney’s been getting all the attention lately, so the other cats have been feeling a bit left out, I guess. So some extra attention to our little grandma! R: My dad turned 57 this year, so we went out for sushi with the whole family.

L: Rainbow books! I realised, while collecting books for this photo, that I hardly have any orange books. There are literally two books on my shelves that are fully orange. The rest is either orange with pink (like Replica) or brown. R: I went into town with Tanja to get a present for a friend who was celebrating her birthday. We went to Subway for lunch, though it ended up being more of an early dinner. Oops.

L: Because we also had pizza that night. I was really full after this, so I don’t regret it at all, but we hadn’t realised it was almost 5 pm when we got our sandwiches. R: Yes, the rainbow is back! I realised I kind of missed it, so one day I decided to just get all my books off the shelves. I also had to clean the shelves, because there was a lot of dust on them. This time, I also sorted my Funkos and other decoration on colour.

L: Look at this tiny model! They have grown so much, it’s not funny anymore. My dad said to not get too attached to the ones we’re not keeping, but I think it was already too late for that by the time they were born. R: Healthy + not so healthy food! Oh well, you’ve got to balance it out, I guess…

L: All these little sleepyheads, and then there’s ‘Jackie’ who is getting a new name soon. R: ‘Sexy’ Quicksilver? Or more like ‘summer-proof’ Quicksilver. Last time I wore this cosplay to Amsterdam Comic Con it was close to 30 degrees outside, and I was dying in my leather-look jeans and leather jacket. I recently got these shorts which fit perfectly, so I guess I could use them for a summery Quicksilver cosplay.

L: What’s better than having stroopwafels? Freshly made, warm stroopwafels of course! We were in Haarlem to see The Circle, and there was a market, so Tanja and I got a stroopwafel. Hmm so good! R: I am so pumped for the Wonder Woman movie! I used to be not so interested in DC, but then Suicide Squad came out which I enjoyed, and then they announced this movie. I still don’t give two shits about Batman or Superman, but yes give me all the superhero movies!

L: Sunday the 14th was Mother’s Day in our country, and I am lucky enough to have a mother who doesn’t care at all about this. I did want to make her a little breakfast, but when I woke up that morning, my dad and sister had already eaten and my mum wasn’t hungry. So I made this huge breakfast for myself. R: While in Haarlem, we visited the Popshop and I decided to buy Jessica Jones. I really liked the show and I’ve cosplayed this outfit, so I guess it was meant to be.

L: My parents were out on Sunday, so my sister and I ordered pizza, of course. I also rewatched both Thor movies and realised I just really love them so so much! R: The t-shirt I ordered for X-23/Laura Kinney arrived, and I am very happy I found it! I just need the claws, though I think wearing just this will get a lot of people to recognise the character.

And that concludes the first half of May!