The Sims Mobile

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A couple of days ago, EA Games, responsible for every Sims game that came out for the past seventeen years, released a trailer for an upcoming mobile game. There’s been a mobile game called The Sims Freeplay for a while now, but they’re planning on releasing a game that’s more like the games you play on the computer.

The Sims Mobile is an upcoming life simulation game set for release on Android and iPhone smartphones. It was announced on May 9, 2017 in a launch trailer. It is to feature multiplayer capabilities and will also story elements. The game was soft announced in an online trailer and currently is only soft launched in Brazil.

At this moment, there’s not much information available, other than that it will be for Android and Apple smartphones. There’s no official release date, nor whether it will be a free or paid app. All I know is that I am curious, and I might try it out when it gets released.

Do you plan to play this game?

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